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Novartis - Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide.

  • Our Work | Novartis - Our science-based innovation is driven by the goal of bringing new and better medicines to patients as quickly as possible.
  • Product Portfolio | Novartis - Novartis is focused on three divisions with global scale and innovation power – pharmaceuticals, eye care and generic medicines.
  • Research & Development | Novartis - Our work is driven by a strong scientific understanding of disease and awareness of unmet medical needs.
  • Innovation | Novartis - We use science-based innovation and new business approaches to improve outcomes for patients.
  • Novartis Expanding Healthcare Access Worldwide - Discover how Novartis is expanding healthcare access to patients with the Novartis Foundation, the Malaria Initiative, and patient assistance programs.
  • Who We Are: Novartis Global Healthcare Company - Learn more about Novartis, a global healthcare company that provides healthcare solutions worldwide; review Novartis' history, overall mission, and vision.
  • Novartis Global Corporate Responsibility - Discover how Novartis employees apply their expertise in science, reach people in low-income countries, and strive for environmental sustainability.
  • Our Business | Novartis - We continuously evolve our business to create a patient-centered portfolio consisting of a wide range of products and treatments to address unmet medical needs.
  • Contact Us | Novartis - Find contact information for our diverse teams, products and offices in 90 countries around the world.
  • News | Novartis - Read in-depth news about Novartis through recent headlines, media releases, publications and more.
  • News Archive | Novartis - Read in-depth news about how Novartis is addressing healthcare needs through recent headlines.
  • Publications | Novartis - Read, download and order key company publications including annual and performance reports.
  • Annual Report 2015 | Novartis - The Novartis Annual Report provides information on the Group';s results and operations.
  • Company Overview | Novartis - Learn about Novartis leaders, corporate governance, our clinical pipeline and more.
  • Financial Data | Novartis - Novartis sales figures and financial results, including SEC filings, product sales and downloadable results and media releases.
  • Shareholder Information | Novartis - Find resources for new and existing investors on our purchase plan, FAQ and Annual Meeting.
  • Investor Contact | Novartis - For questions about Investor Relations or the share registry, please contact our team.

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  • William A. Till - The 1" Nut Makes All The Difference !

    These K&N Oil Filters are the only ones I now use. I have a new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7 Liter HEMI V-8. The oil filter is protected by a metal guard around it which makes using a standard strap wrench very difficult. Use have to use one that accepts a square shank socket extension. And the one I have does not allow for much torque to be applied. The 1" nut welded on the end of the K&N Oil Filter makes removal and installation a snap. I just use a standard 1" socket with a short extension, and a ratchet. The K&N is the only oil filter that I know of that has this feature.

  • EleganzShopper - Excellent Smooth Thick Control Mouse Pad Qck Mass

    The SteelSeries Qck Mass mouse pad feels great with my optical mouse (Kensington Pro Fit.) I bought this mouse pad for the DeathAdder mouse which I have not yet got. I like this pad for its smoothness yet good control. I move across it smoother than with the Fellowes mouse pads which I have and like; but they are thin and small in size over all.

  • Kirby R. Anderson - Stupid lame nonstandard packaging

    Packaged as 3 cds. Stupid lame nonstandard packaging, will have to buy a Blu-ray case for it, ok concert. No self promotions by the band.