Prometheus Consulting | About Us - We at Prometheus Consulting believe that recruitment can never be ready-to-wear OR one size fits all process.

  • Prometheus Consulting | What Sets Us Apart - Our value proposition defines what differentiates us in the marketplace—what we offer, how we deliver it differently than our competitors, and the way we provide value.
  • Prometheus Consulting | Our Processes - A clear and crisp defined approach helps us to provide apt manpower according to Client's requirements within the stipulated time
  • Prometheus Consulting | RPO Solutions - Our PLUG & PLAY model offers you the flexibility of reducing your recruiting overheads and hiring a full time, flexible yet scalable team of headhunters working exclusively for you
  • Prometheus Consulting | Beposke Recruitment Solutions - Prometheus Consulting offers a Bespoke Recruitment Service, which tailors our service exactly to our clients’ individual requirements.
  • Prometheus Consulting | Retained Search - PROMETHEUS CONSULTING believes that retained search is an exceptional tool for companies in Fashion, Luxury and apparel Industry, especially when attempting to find top-quality talent with industry expertise.
  • Prometheus Consulting | Contingency Search - As a strategic resource, Prometheus Consulting helps professionally and creatively driven brands recruit and employ game changing leaders.
  • Personality Development Program - The problem is many freshers are trying to find a job, too and in order to stand out, you need to make sure that you can be better than your competition.
  • Prometheus Consulting | Internship & Graduation Projects - Prometheus Consulting helps you find best suited internship and graduation in the fashion and apparel industry. We've been instrumental in helping aspiring talent get the insight on the latest Internship vacancies.
  • Prometheus Consulting | Alumni Mentorship - If you are a student, have you considered utilizing your Alma Mater’s resources (i.e. recent and upcoming grads) to find and develop talent for your organization
  • Industries - Prometheus Consulting Is A Global Recruitment Agency. We at Prometheus Consulting have specialized recruiters working closely with our panel of subject matter experts finding you the right person for the job
  • Fashion And Lifestyle Industry Recruitment - Prometheus Consulting Is A Global Fashion And Apparel Industry Recruitment Agency That Provides It's Clients With Best In Class Recruitment & Training Solutions. Be it a luxury managerial position or a design trainee, we have it all tailored to your specifications under one roof.
  • FMCG Industry Recruitment - At Prometheus Consulting, our team of highly competent recruitment consultants who have domain expertise in the FMCG industry and other niche sectors.With us you can be sure of skill and expertise to resolve your recruitment needs.
  • Recruitment For Media And Publication Industry - Prometheus Consulting is an expert and trusted partner to several companies in the Media, communications and publishing industry and is known for delivering outstanding results in recruitment
  • Telecommunications Industry Recruitment - Telecommunications Industry is one of the fastest growing industries globally and we are at the forefront of the expansion, providing clients with access to the best candidates available in the Telecom Industry
  • Recruitment For The Market Research Industry - Prometheus Consulting specialises in market research recruitment including quantitative and qualitative research, consumer insight, project management, statistics and analysis as well as brand and strategic planning roles.
  • Recruitment For Medical devices and healthcare Industry - Our specialist team of Recruitment Consultants engage with professsionals in the healthcare Industry and help our clients in achieving both their short and long term objectives and in building a powerful workforce for the future
  • Recruitment For EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) - EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and is a prominent form of contracting agreement in the construction industry.Prometheus Consulting has recruitment specialists in engineering, construction and manufacturing
  • Outsourcing (BPO/LPO/RPO) Industry Recruitment - At Prometheus, we have the experience of offering competent technology oriented industry professionals who have high level of expertise, experience and a deep understanding of industry. Our expertise in recruitment for the global outsourcing Industry encompasses a diverse range of professionals at various levels in in the Industry
  • Prometheus Consulting | Contact - Prometheus Consulting Is A Global Fashion And Apparel Industry Recruitment Agency That Provides It's Clients With Best In Class Recruitment & Training Solutions
  • Prometheus Consulting | Contact Us - Prometheus Consulting Is A Global Fashion & Apparel Industry Recruitment Agency. We at Prometheus Consulting have specialized recruiters
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