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  • BakinBits - Squirrelinator works great!!!

    Had squirrels in the attic. Yikes! Sounded someone dragging boxes around. Put the Squirrelinator up there with corn and 24 hours later we had four squirrels trapped. They are now in their new home abt 10 mi away. Trap is very well built, easy to figure out and best of all it worked!! Next stop: veggie garden this spring / summer if not before. Very pleased. Daughter paid some guy $300 for squirrel removal at her house last year.

  • Kranthi Kumar - I am very satisfied with this product

    I am very satisfied with this product. It took 10 mins to prepare the meat for grinding and just 2 mins to grind it. Cleaning is easy and no question of rusting. Suction is perfect. Complete body is sturdy with a great handle grip. I feel i have bought a very good product after a lot of research.

  • MissyK - Nice Pepper and Salt Grinder

    My wife and I discovered grinding salt and pepper through or restaurant experiences. We realized that ground up pepper was so much better than the pre-ground pepper we had eaten our entire life. Plus we discovered that their is scientific research that shows that freshly ground pepper has many health benefits that pre-ground pepper does not have. When my daughter recently purchased her new house we realized that her kitchen was pretty much bare so we have been helping her buy stuff that we wish we had when we were her age.

  • Just a regular guy - Works for me

    Used for about two years. Seems to work for me. I could just be lucky and my hair loss would have slowed down anyway. However over the past two years my hair loss has bee minimal. I don't use any drugs for my hair.

  • AdeeG - I followed the intructions and I even bought the defining ...

    I followed the intructions and I even bought the defining gel. I used all four wraps. Not one single difference.

  • somekindofwonderful - Schooled my Godkids and they couldn't believe it

    We bought this for my Godkids for Christmas, and after they played a few rounds (and loved it) I told them I wanted to play too. The 13-year-old scoffed (he is like a young Michael Jackson) and I stood in the back behind the 3 of them. Then I went to town on Lady Gaga's "Applause." I was popping and tutting and twerking and top-rocking all over the place. I have skills. There were 4 of us dancing so they couldn't really tell how well I was doing. At the end, when it shows you the scores, of course the 13-year-old won, but when 2nd place came up, it was me (uh! yeah!) and he couldn't believe it. His eyes got huge and he reported it to my husband in disbelief. I have more respect than ever now. Thanks, Just Dance 2014.