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  • Alicia Marie - Perfect for DIY people! Very robust feeling. Practice first if you've never used one since instructions seem lacking

    This is a great kit for someone looking to do recessed lighting themselves and is fairly handy. (Or needs to make holes often!) Since my husband is fairly tall and headspace is always a luxury for him, we were happy to receive a discount on this item in exchange for an honest review since recessed lighting was something we were looking at doing and we are big DIY people. When the kit first arrived I was impressed that it came with its own case. This helps keep all the small parts easy to find and protect the blades and guard. I didn't think about other uses when ordering, but if you need a nice clean hole and don't have room for a bunch of extra tools laying around this is nice and compact and will get the job done cleanly. It is actually much more useful and versatile than I first thought it would be!

  • Tazbaby - things are completely awesome and cheap

    This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review I am so glad that I was able to do a review on this product they are absolutely well worth the money to purchase them they last a really long time way longer than any of them I've ever bought at Walmart and they actually cut normally those ones that I get from any other store they go down within a week as we have to do the trimming around my babies Graves and I'll do the decorations myself so I need something that's able to cut through wire and these have done everything that I needed them to do so I would definitely recommend this to anyone don't go and waste your money on high-priced items when you can get better quality here for cheaper

  • Rose Gordon - The call quality is very clear

    A great headset and ideal for people who will be making / taking long calls on their mobile and at their computer.

  • J.D. - The only one I use!

    This has been a fantastic product. I have used this brand for about 3 years now and it has caught and stopped anything that could hurt my laptop. I am love my coupon websites and this makes it possible to stay away from the ones that are dangerous. You won't be let down!

  • Peaceful - Great Organic Product that Works Efficiently

    This is one of the best facial cleaner that I have tried. The fact that it is from Radha Beauty Products makes it even better. I have used their other skin care products, and they are consistently high quality and effective. This facial cleanser is another of their premium product that works very well on my skin. First, I like that it is made in the USA, and I do not have to worry about poor ingredient substitution. Second, their ingredients are organic and even has vitamin C serum included. Then, the bottle is small enough to put in a travel toiletry bag. The cleanser comes out at the right amount, and the pump works great. The most important part is the cleanser, and that did not disappoint at all. I do have sensitive skin and wanted something that would not cause my skin to break out. I am glad that the fragrance is natural, and that it uses organic herbal ingredients. It does smell so fresh and wonderful. After rinsing with it, my skin feels great. My face does not have a very tight and dry feeling that I get from other facial cleansers. I have used it for almost a week now, and my skin looks radiant and very healthy. It takes off all of my make up including mascara. It is very gentle on the facial skin, yet it does its job very efficiently. So after cleaning and rinsing off the cleanser, I apply a moisturizer (which is also the same brand) to finish off. My nightly regiment is very simple because of such great premium products. I absolutely recommend this facial cleanser to anybody who has sensitive skin.

  • yasin - not good

    i bought this item its easy to install it .but after two weeks i install it it went down then come back i call custumer service they told me reset it i try ro reset it still not help then i call them back they not do nothing i would say looks good but not liable its not built in mic so the mic it come with itr not worth it i called them about it to they dont have replacement part . with in six month i get different indash dvd player i will not suggest anybody to spent mony on this item .