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  • A. C - Poor design

    Poorly designed. The bottom requires a screw to be put in place after the TV is attached to the wall, making it impossible to secure for any large TV as you simply cannot reach. Thus the TV is simply hanging in place and would fall off with any touch. Additionally, there are no stops at the end of the mount, meaning the TV can also simply slide off. Do not recommend if you want an intact TV

  • Amazon Customer - Great Value! But Needs a Bigger Battery..

    Capabilities are great for the price. Video, picture, processing capabilities are all positives. My biggest (and only) complaint is the 2.5 hour battery life. It simply can't make 3 hours without a power chord.

  • Pamela Vander Heyden..home chef - UNsatisfied Chef

    I purchased the Pro Pic NuWave cooking element, and a grill. After opening the package I seasoned the grill and got it ready for a luncheon at my home. I was going to make Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple Salad.. The heating element has a red ring that extends six inches from the center. This is the hottest part of the element. I prepare the food that is to be grilled, and place the grill on the burner, it fits snugly. Then I see the plastic drip cup that is to be fastened to the side. Now that it is attached the grill fits off the heating element, 3 ". In the instruction booklet, it says do NOT use any pans that extend over the edge of said burner. Now what? Well, they designed it, it must be intended to work this way, although I am very skeptical. I now have a grill that works for 6" of heating and 6" that do not heat. This is not going to fare well. I will cook this luncheon piece meal. I cook the pineapple and place it on a warmer plate. Then I grill three skewers of shrimp at a time, there are only six more to cook. I am not happy about this. Lunch is served 20 minutes late. While they dine, I, as directed by the booklet, slip the grill into hot soapy water and use my nylon scrubbie on it, nothing budges. My husband takes a turn scrubbing it, it barely gives up the ghost of food. I now have a grill that appears dirty and rough to the touch, and it is off center since that is the way the grill fits.. After the ladies leave, I look up the customer service number to tell them I would like to return this for a full refund. The number on the back of the booklet does not even ring. The second number gives me a recording that says this number is NOT a working number. I thumb through the book and find a third number, this one gets me customer service. They tell me they will accept it, but I must pay another $70 to ship it back, and they may also charge me a shelving fee. We are now at a cost of over half the items. I am even more unhappy. I speak with three operators, and two managers, no one can do anything for me. I don't understand, quite frankly, why I should pay for an item that is designed to fail. Their poor design, my fault? I don't think so. A promise to call me back again never happens. I have written to the Better Business Bureau of Illinois. I hope they can clear this issue up for me, the staff of my magazine are waiting to see what the conclusion of this issues will be.

  • Nancy T. Scobie - Useless

    Absolutely no results nor any difference in my metabolism that I could notice. In my opinion, it was a total waste of money.

  • Vincent - Easy Read with Deep Insights

    This is a great book. I can understand why it's been such a staple for Operations Management courses. I read it for a grad. Op. Mgmt class. It's an easy, entertaining read (in narrative form), and it uses easy to relate to example to illustrate important concepts. I've never worked in manufacturing, and I don't plan to, but this book opened my eyes a lot of widely useful ideas about creating/managing effective processes.

  • Amazon Customer - Keeps hot drinks hot!

    I have a Yeti 30 oz that I use for cold drinks and is amazing but wanted to get a 20 oz for hot drinks. At that point, I heard about the RTIC brand and that it is just as good a the Yeti but better priced, so I decide to buy one. This thing keeps coffee hot for a couple of hours and drinkably warm for 3 hours. Very happy with this purchase.

  • mwagner - I won't buy another one

    The seals for the K&N oil filters on both my vehicles blew out. Luckily I saw the leaks before any engine damage. I won't waste my money on K&N anymore.