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  • JPJ Photography & Media - 10th Year Using Norton Products - Love 'Em!

    Arrived fairly quickly and though the box was a little smooshed the CD inside was fine. I installed on two Android-based Galaxy S5s and three Windows 7 laptops with no issues. You save a bit of cash getting the older version but it will update the application and virus definitions to current standards so you really lose nothing. The only difference is the amount of free, cloud storage but that's only for a year and then you pay a bit higher for such storage. Besides, you don't really need cloud-based storage what with global warming and all. I mean, if Al Gore is correct, and why wouldn't a guy who owns a company that makes money off selling carbon credits to resolve an issue he alone discovered be correct, there's going to be more clouds than we'll ever need. There will be so many clouds I bet we'll find them in our coffee!

  • A. Gustafson - Works great! So thankful!

    I bought a 3 month supply special deal on the website. I agree with others-- this product has helped to actually heal leaky gut, whereas other things just helped the symptoms. I accidentally had gluten the other day and while I still had a reaction, it was not as strong. That is really noticeably different for me!

  • Anonymous - Silkn does not guarantee this product; save your money mine broke

    This worked for about 6 months and then broke and iShopHappy is NOT covered under Silk'n's 1-year guarantee. Don't buy from them. A complete waste of money. I went through the whole ordeal with Silkn trying to get a replacement but they don't cover this seller. Have to throw it out now. :(

  • Jennifer michinok - Great! Except....

    So i really really loked the cards but i was expecting international you know like Brazil. Kinda dissapointing

  • Brooke Gayne - I am in love with this product

    I am in love with this product, I just recently finished my 5th treatment and found it works great! My teeth are whiter, have no damage, and aren't sensitive at all. I did however run into a little mishap where my LED lights were flickering and giving out multiple times during the treatment, I reached out to the seller and they responded immediately with a solution. They are sending me a new LED light free of charge. This company has surprised and delighted me in many ways. It was a terrific purchase, I would buy from them again.

  • thereviewdoctor - Perfect rechargeable solution to the xbox one

    I was tired of using my double A batteries and throwing them away from my controller I wanted a reusable solution. I came across these and I was a little skeptical but thought I would give them a try. There is no user manual at all. But there is only two steps you put this in your controller and then you charge it with a mini usb cable that you use to charge your phone. I get about 10 hours or so of game play out of one charge while not that much when you figure I was getting like 40 or so with my batteries but the charging is very quick I use a Quick Charge 3.0 outlet and it was ready to go in under an hour.