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Quantum Health | Quantum Force | Homeopathy, Homeopath | Dr. Sanjay Shah - Quantum health now offers the magic mix of homeopathy and Dr. Sanjay Shah's expertise to cure various ailments like Acne, Bronchitis, Constipation, Depression, Eczema, Fatigue, Gastritis, Hair Loss, Migraine, Obesity, Psoriasis, Tonsillitis, Vitiligo, Warts, and many more.

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  • Stylus - Fabulous Skincerity

    There is no other product that works this well for my sons acne! I absolutely love this product, thank you!

  • mother of 3 - Best taffy for short hair

    I have been using this taffy for years. I'm a 40+ yr old mom with a short choppy do (like Halle Barry's hair.) My hair is really thick, but without a good texturizing taffy, it sits on my head like a monk's cap, flat to my head. About a dime sized amount of this stuff, rubbed between my palms and then raked through my hair gives me movable-touchable-but-stays-off-my-head-and-separated texture. I finish with hairspray (doesn't seem to matter what kind) and am good to go for an entire 7 am - 10 pm day. Baseball cap for watching the kids' game? No problem, take off the cap and shake and crunch your fingers through your hair and you can re-shape it again. Seriously. Also, no crispy crispy feel after it dries as I've had with other taffies. This stays movable all day. I get compliments on my hair all the time, and I credit this stuff. Love it. As for the scent, my 10 year old son (and do they every lie?) said one morning watching me do my hair: "mom, I LOVE how your hair stuff smells. I'm glad you wear it." I don't even notice that it has a scent except first thing in the morning when I first put it on." The only time it's not enough is on those 90/90 summer days when the heat, humidity and my own sweat combine to kill every attempt at keeping my hair up.

  • Jill - This was the second pair in this brand. The ...

    This was the second pair in this brand. The first was the light up ones but this pair was too uncomfortable. My son wore them about ten minutes and put them back in the box! "Not going to work", so we returned them.

  • MennisDiller - Great upgrade for a former Xbox 360 user.

    This is my first foray into anything PlayStation. Having played on Xbox and Xbox 360, I was a little afraid to try something new. Overall I am very impressed with the new console. One of the big differences is that the battery is built into the console and there's no huge power brick taking up space. The graphics are spectacular and I can't wait to see programmers reach its full potential. The standby mode is great when you are gone for a while because it will download all the updates while you are away. The big fault is that sometimes it's hard to tell if the updates are downloading and/or updating or possibly stuck. If you are into games and graphics, this console is a perfect fit. Xbox One spent so much time trying to be everything that I feel they have dropped the ball on games and graphics.