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  • Richard Bird - High Expectations Lead to Big Letdown

    I had been using a Fujitsu ScanSnap 510 for more than a year. The Neat scanner got my attention for its design aesthetic (I am a product designer) and its enhanced software. So, when I passed on my S510M to my secretary to begin archiving corporate files, I jumped.

  • Amazon Customer - The Pink Floyd Experience

    "The Wall" is the greatest full-length concept album of all time, period. The recording is immense, somewhat unaccessable, dark, and completely brilliant. Nine Inch Nails and Tool come to mind when reviewing this album, because these two bands and Pink Floyd are some of the few that are more interested in making great music than keeping the fans happy and the record deals coming. This CD is an experiment in seeing how much strangers will get into the band's personal work. Fortunately for Pink Floyd, they're such a great band that they can make a living out of this kind of idea. "The Wall" isn't really a collection of different songs, but rather a twisted musical that floors me every time I pop it in the CD player. As with all Pink Floyd albums, I find it hard to describe the beauty and complexity within them, so I urge you to just pick up a copy of one or more of their classic albums. I guarantee (unless you're a Slipknot redneck) you will be hooked on Pink Floyd before the album you've bought is done playing.

  • Erin Stokes - Awesome space saver vacuum bags!!

    I've used a couple different space saving compression bags that don't have the pump, and honestly, they're ok for some things, but not for my sheets and comforters, coats, and sweaters. I was so excited to try these vacuum space saver bags by California Basis. Shipping was fast and I received a box of a 15 vacuum bag bundle with a manual pump. There's 1 jumbo bag, 3 XL bags, 4 large bags, 4 med, 2 suitcase roll ups, and 1 small roll up bag. These things are great. They're great quality, nice and thick, and work perfect for my sweaters, scarves, hats, coats, blankets, etc,. The vacuum pump really gets your items to a manageable size so I can store them without using a bunch of space. I can store my winter items in my storage bin and my bedding under the bed which is great because my closet isn't packed full. I don't have to worry about moisture, these bags protect your items from mold, mildew, bacteria, dust, moisture, and keep your clothes like new. It's so easy to travel using these bags too. Even the pump fits great into your luggage bag. I highly recommend these. Easy to use, and very convenient, a great way to organize. These would make a great gift. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and my opinions are my own.

  • Michael - Horrible don't waste you money

    Even charging overnight I can't get the unit to more than a two hour talk time and the battery depletes just being on standby. Totally disappointed with this product. A real waste of money. The magnetic coupling on the attached charged does not work well. From my experience I can't understand why this got any good reviews at all.