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  • Agnesdedog - Hoyle is a BUST!

    I should learn to listen to other users concerning Hoyle's Casino games. Just received the pre-ordered 2011 Casino advertised as Windows 7, Vista, Xp, (even Mac OS). Tried to install on my new 18" laptop Windows 7--was told it wasn't compatible with 64-bit. Tried again and again and it just froze and sat there. Tried it on a Windows 7 desktop--same 'ol same 'ol!!

  • Shortey Girley - A program with broad and deep applications

    I was introduced to SmartDraw during my college years as part of a software class focused on object-oriented modeling. The program has become so embedded into my professional career that I cannot think of being without it. I have always maintained a license on my personal machine, but have gone so far as to purchase an additional license for a machine at my own expense to ensure that I'm also able to utilize the functionality at work.

  • Melissa Barnett - Great Product!!!

    I was very surprised and happy with the size of this package! I expected something small, like a surprise box with one small oil treatment in it. Instead this large box with a big pack of the oil treatments arrived, and I was delighted! In a household with 2 adult females, 2 teenage females and 1 pre-teen female, we go through a lot of hair stuff! Both adults tried this treatment and got good results.

  • Jason - Another Great Purchase

    These 2-tablet packets are great. Very convenient for keeping a couple of packets in my pocket or glove compartment for my occasional sinus headache attacks especially during pollen season. I was actually surprised when I saw the expiration date of 03/2017 on the box. Great price. Great purchase!

  • C amazon - I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for ...

    I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for Christmas. After giving the first one to her a number of years ago, she has asked for this every year. She is an avid reader and looks forward to this every year. This is a nice way to introduce new authors or those whose work is not yet known yo the reader. They have also compiled an anthology of The Best Short Stories of the Century. It arrived on time and was well protected in the shipping box.

  • Kaoutar Burrell - The Worst Product on Earth and Venus.

    Absolutely horrible. I tried the product and used it faithfully for 6 months hoping something would work. Instead of making my acne better, it made it considerably worse. I've been suffering from acne since i was 12, i'm 28 now and i believed the sales pitch seen in the infomercials. what a fool i was. to make it worse, i ordered from proactiv themselves.

  • B. Grant - Say goodby to finger fatigue!

    Love it! Worth every penny. Makes extensive spray jobs manageable. I would not hesitate to purchase again as I hate the finger fatigue one experiences when doing a marathon painting session with rattle cans.