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  • Heather Giaco - Amazing, natural, multipurpose moisturizer and so much more!!

    I have been trying to find natural remedies to common problems since the birth of my youngest daughter. She started having skin issues and sensitivities by six months old. We slowly had to remove all fragrance...none in laundry products, lotions, soaps. Many of the products I previously used can easily by substituted with this simple jar! One jar of Pure Shea butter and an hour on Pinterest and you have a whole list of remedies! Here is some of my favorite uses: Lip Balm- rub a very small amount between your fingers to soften and melt. Apply to your lips to help with drying and cracking. Hair Treatments Mask- My Daughter has very curly dry hair. She is a swimmer and the pool water is very hard on her hair. I apply some to the palm of my hand and work with fingers till softened. I apply to her hair overnight to help protect and moisturize. Soothing Balm for dry skin- My hands get very dry and often crack from washing them so much during cold & flu season. Rub a small amount all over hands. I prefer to do this overnight. It also does wonders on my feet and heals! Looking forward to having this for next year during sandal season!

  • DECKARD - Disappointed

    I can understand their voices not being what they were 40 years ago, but to not take care to record them properly is well, ludicrous... or to be blunt, a major f*** up.

  • Kelly - Did not work for weight loss x2

    Purchased two 10 day transformation Cleanses. One for my husband and one myself. I used it for the cleanse - I wasn't looking for great weight loss, mainly cleansing and to support My husband who used it for weight loss. We both completed the 10 day cleanse from start to finish today, abiding to all directions. The results were: Neither one of us felt hungry, I think the nutrients warded off any deep hunger. But neither one of us showed any any weight loss. We both did our 1 hour usual workout per day cardio and light weights. My husband is frustrated as he was hoping for some pounds to drop (overweight by approximately 50 lbs. We will continue our daily work-outs and healthy lifestyle. But not use anymore products that claim weight-loss. Lifestyle change is best.

  • Amazon Customer - could be the perfect 12 inch but...

    Can't believe there are no reviews for this bike and it's been out a while now. Compared to any other 12 inch bike this by far is the closest to a real bmx. Love the 3 -piece crank, cassette hub and threadless stem/fork setup, it is very light and manageable for my son who has been riding it since three and is now four.