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  • rae's reviews - Works great, smells odd

    I like the way my skin feels after using this cleaner. When I first tried it, I noticed a smell, it was like a orange smell mixed with a hint of something else and I did not like the smell. I was a bit turned off by the color too, a brown color. But after I used this my skin felt great. I think the color and smell are due to this being natural. Once I used this I did not notice a smell. I then used the moisturizer from this brand and it worked great as a skin care set. So pros, it works, con, it has an odd smell.

  • kimsoo520 - Meh...

    Typically I love this brand, I have been using Murad for years. However as I am getting older and experiencing signs of aging, I was looking to them to find a solution for my under eye area for puffiness and dark circles. I was going back and forth on whether I should purchase, but since I had enjoyed their other products for years and read the good reviews, I decided to take the plunge. I started using it religiously every night… no reduction in puffiness or dark circles. The reason I gave 3 stars - I do think it has helped with the suppleness under the eye and the cream absorbed nicely, however I think I can get that from many other products that are a little easier on the pocket book. Needless to say, I will not be repurchasing this product, I'll stick to my cleansers from Murad.

  • BizNurse - Saved us a TON of money!!

    We've now purchased 6 of the 5 gallon containers! THINK we love this product?? Our decking was 20 years old and in BAD shape! I hate wasting wood, so we decided to give the Restore a try. Mind you we live in HOT San Antonio and our HUGE deck is in the full sun! On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this product a 20!! Favorite colors are RUSSET and SAND. SOOOO worth the investment! We are both home full time with our business and now spend TONS of time enjoying our BEAUTIFUL deck! We learned some tricks to applying, so ask us if you have any questions.... Linda/RN

  • sueann202 - Great Tasting & Very Filling!!

    I received these protein bars at a discounted price because of a contest the contest was running. I am really happy I was a part of it or I would have never found these DELIS bar. We have been trying different bars thru our the year and have been very disappointed. Most had little flavor to them, were very small & expensive, or just out right tasted HORRIBLE. We bought one kind that my husband said tasted like blood, GROSS. But the FitJoy Protein Bars are the real deal!! They are very flavorful and very filling. The bar is very thick & hearty. If you are a while bar it would probably fill you like a full meal would.If you are having a chocolate craving this will cure it and you only need a small portion to be satisfied. Out of all of the protein bars we have tried in the last year, the FitJoy bars crush all the others. I do not see us buying any other bar again. I just want to add that I am NOT giving a positive review just because I got them free. These truly are great bars!!

  • David Payne - put the quick in quickbooks

    Time is money and when I use my apple with 2014 quickbooks its fast. An example is when I need to quote a customer I flip open my laptop click on quickbooks and I'm sending a email quote within minutes. No time wasted in waiting for the computer to boot up. And no time wasted looking for that secret button on quick books to send quote. Its always ready, its easy to use, its quick.

  • Amazon Customer - Like the product!

    Just started this product purchased from GNC but will be purchasing future bottles from Amazon since it is so much cheaper! Only been on this for 4 days, but what I love is not only the energy but how much better I feel mentally, positive with clarity! I do have to say it has cut my appetite and I have more energy so hopeful the product will help get me and kick start losing weight. I drink a glass of water when I wake up, wait about 15 min and then take two pills with another 8 ounce of water. I am on antidepressants, but Performix has not caused any problems. So far very happy with how I feel!