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  • Cindy - Madly loved at first sight, flawed as I got to know

    When I received this case, I immediately fell in love with its lightweight design and added rubber protective liner, like an otter box light. As I have used the case over the last few months after receipt, I have found the rubber edge wears away pretty quickly and has begun to tear. i really love the look and feel of the product but i am not sure I would buy again.

  • Elizabeth C. Hardeman - Okie Dokie

    My husband works at a machine shop and his clothes are so oil soaked and smell just horrible. By the time he does a load or two my machine looks like something I want to toss in the trash. Totally grosses me out when I go to wash my items including sheets and towels etc. I have spent so much time having to scrub the washer and then do a few loads of whites with a ton of bleach. To top that off we have well water which has a smell of its own. I had already spent two hours scrubbing the washer before I saw this item. I tossed one of the tablets in first thing this morning. I really didn't notice much difference. There were a few places which I purposely left dirty when I cleaned. Nothing which I couldn't have wiped off. When I cycle completed the few small smudges where still there. I wasn't real happy about that, however I noticed right away that the washer had a very light fresh scent. I will give it another shot in a few weeks hoping that it works better. I understand that there may have been build up that I couldn't see. For now the fresh scent works for me.

  • AllyUniverse - made fun of me with another clerk

    today, I was insulted by sales clerk who handed me a sample, and lured me in, tried to prevent me from leaving, made fun of me with another clerk. tried to apply a nasty looking cream to my wrinkled eyes and I declined. Tons of fake reviews here. any business that resorts to nasty predatory tactics must not be very good!

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent Bike

    I've been very happy with this bike. The assembly was not that difficult - took maybe an hour. No adjustment was needed for shifting, and only minor adjustments were needed for the brakes. When I compared the specs listed here on Amazon to what the manufacturer has on their web site, there were some differences. However, the bike I received is exactly what was specified here. I've ridden about 500 miles so far. The only issue I've had was two spokes that broke. I'm not sure why that happened, but it was an easy fix and no problems since then.

  • Robert Miller - Great buy!

    Great product. Easy to install! Directions simple and easy to follow. Looks just like a factory install.