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  • Amazon Customer - Works good for what we use it for.

    We use this for when we have our family reunion. We always have instruments there and some of us that play in bands now so we use this program to get the additional sounds we want to add for the instruments that are not with us. It works well and the sound is just as good as having that instrument with us. It was easy to load the program and easy to use. You do need to register this program to use all the features but you only have to do it once and of course you can do it online. It only takes a few minutes. If you are having slow connections, lag time between each sound, it's your computer, not this program. This was much less costly than the download because other people had it for sale for about half that price.

  • BeccaBits - Lot's of fun!

    My 11-year old son bought this at a store with his allowance. It took us about 1-2 hours to put together and we had a good time doing that. You can then program it or put it in dance mode. It doesn't "walk" so much as shuffle, but if you really look at how they made that work with alternating motion it's really cleaver. The whole project reminded me of a blend between Capsela and Erector Set's (children of the 80's will know what I'm talking about). If you think about the cost of a movie vs. actually doing something interactive with your child that provides ongoing enjoyment, it's definitely money well spent.

  • Chauna I. - Sturdy, Good Deal

    These are the perfect size, are super durable, and cheap enough for everyday use. This 48 count, pack of 10 lasts my large family about 3 months. We use these for lunch and dinner almost everyday. They hold a lot of heavy food, and sauces do not leak over the side or through the bottom. We have used steak knives to cut meat on these plates and they have not cut through them either, it just leaves shallow scratch marks. So far these are my most favorite kind of paper plate.

  • Carl Wadey - Spectacular tomatoes

    Oh, so on re-reading the book, it's nitrogen, phosphorus, and POTASSIUM in garden fertiliser. Not Uranium. My bad, great product, and I'm now off to take the tomato plant for its walk.