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  • Amyopathic dermatomyositis - physical exam - Learn about the exam of dermatomysitis and it's less common variant: amyopathic dermatomyositis.
  • Kussmaul's sign demonstrated in Stanford Hospital - Example of Kussmaul's sign seen in constrictive pericarditis and right heart failure.
  • Referred pain from abdominal causes. Shoulder exam normal. - A patient presents with shoulder pain but the should is normal. What is the cause. How can you tell from the exam? Learn more at the Stanford 25 blog.

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  • Ariel B. - Helped to relieve stomach issues

    I originally got this when my baby was younger and I was transitioning him from breast milk to formula. It seemed to help and calm his stomach down. I recently used this again while my baby was on heavy antibiotics after catching a virus at daycare. I also continued to use it for about a week after he stopped the antibiotics to help replenish his system. It truly helped to lessen the severity of the diarrhea that is caused from the antibiotics. It is nice that it is such a small amount that you need to give. It made it easy to just drops the drops directly into his mouth.

  • eCar - Works, but don't expect BigFoot hair...

    Best used by those is in early stages of hairs loss. I originally used this along with Propecia and seemed to have good results, not a miracle cure-all but it does slow the progression of hair loss on the crown as indicated by the manufacturer. Use as directed - yes I'd recommend it over nothing at all. The Foam is very convenient and preferred over the eye dropper liquid version.

  • Tina N. - Practice Questions on CD are not reliable

    I bought this book because I had the 2009 version and the preparation had aided me immensely in raising my GRE score. However, this version is a downgrade from the 2009 version. Although 95 percent of the book is the same, including the examples and structural break down of principles, the CD is completely faulty and unreliable. I was in fact relieved to come on here and see that other people experienced the same problems as I had.

  • Debra Presley - 2011 Nissan Altima Keyless Entry Remote

    This remote worked great! I had purchased one from another company and took it to the dealer and it would not work. This one however worked Great!! Plus the price was very reasonable! Will tell all my friends where to find a replacement remote for their car.

  • DO1772 - ... I don't use often and makes it much more useful. Dummies books cut through the 'mumbo jumbo' and ...

    This book helps me navigate a program that I don't use often and makes it much more useful. Dummies books cut through the 'mumbo jumbo' and help you get the job done.

  • Manuel G. Zamora - Easy Registration, works with Win 7

    I bought 2010 Pro this time around. Before this version.. I bought 2011 Complete Accounting for $26 in March 2012! - I needed another install on another computer, did not want to pay full price so ordered an older version, I think I paid $50 this time around since I wanted the Pro Version and that was the cheapest at the time I purchased but they get cheaper if many are available so just wait and see. I cannot tell the difference between the 2011 and 2010.

  • andrew t. - Buggy Launch

    No doubt you have read reviews about the time period this takes place in. But I want to review the actual gameplay and my experience;