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  • S. Frank - Awesome time! Good quality!

    I was hesitant to purchase because of the price, but you get what you pay for. I am confident this float will hold up. The first week on it we had 8 full size adults on the raft, and it gave us no problems. We use it in the bay in Galveston so time will tell what kind of effect the salt water will have. We make sure to wash it off before putting it away. It has cup holders for every seat which is convenient. It came with a floating cooler as well. The mesh liner that comprises the "floor" of the island seems sturdy and durable enough to walk around on it and not worry about punching a hole through. It only took 5 minutes to blow up with a small pump.

  • Patty - It's a really cute bag but the front zipper portion ...

    It's a really cute bag but the front zipper portion started falling apart after a month or so. By then it was too late to return, so I had to stitch and glue everything back together.

  • Beiyan Nan - Love it

    Very good quality and very beautiful design. It feels like a real book. You won't regret. The best product for quarter albums.