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  • Nathan Pizer - Fantastic Lightning Deal

    Bag is lightweight, serves as both a carrying/cart bag. The material is feels and looks great, I love the color combo as well, biggest reason i bought it.

  • Amazon Reviewer - This is a lifesaver!

    Let me start off by saying this stuff REALLY WORKS! I'm never the type to believe a product such a butt cream would really work but after so many positive reviews I just had to try and guess what? It was well worth it! It came very fast and shipped off on the same day! My family started noticing within a couple weeks! And not only does it tighten, firm, and lift my butt but it fills out all those terrible dents. For best results I recommend squats, plunges and walking! Will be ordering as soon as I'm finished with this bottle!!! This is the best!

  • Charles E Donahue Jr - Not what they say

    They said you don't have to change any of your habits then you read the instructions and you have to excersize and eat like a rabbit . I do eccersize and eat a lot less but it don't do what they say. I have been using this product and haven't lost a thing for over a month.

  • Amazon Customer - So far so good. Used it outside

    So far so good. Used it outside. We live near a lake and spiders are very prevalent here. Will try inside.