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  • Mozilla - Oh god.

    When I was in high school we had a kid who was diabetic. Every single time candy was handed out that he couldn't eat, he would complain for the rest of the day. None of our teachers ever remembered that this kid couldn't eat candy with sugar. So a fellow student got these gummies for him for a secret Santa exchange. This kid INHALED them refusing to share even one bear. He ate about 2 cups worth of them. An hour later... He asks to go to the bathroom... only to have the teacher say, "Class ends in 5. You can wait." Oh what happened next was priceless. 2 minutes before class ends he runs down the hall as fast as a horse. That is when we heard the sound of gas, a lot of gas, being passed. Poor kid had Niagara falls out his butt. He was sent home and he stayed home for 3 more days. He never complained about not getting candy again.

  • Amazon Customer - MAJRET

    I really like this product it is in a nice container I like how it's a pump and you don't have to pick it up and get the product all over yourself it is very smooth as you put it on your face and make your face feel nice no awkward smells or it doesn't burn your eyes.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth it

    Fit perfectly. Just what I needed so my truck could clear the garage door. I ger bo reception until I am halfway out of the garage but I dont know if the other one worked or not in there. Spotty in parking garages but fine elswhere so far. Its worth it to me so I can park in the garage.

  • Jack C. - Easy to Overclock. Works amazing with a i7 5820k

    I have been using this for about a month now. The most noticeable thing about it is how easy it was to overclock. This along with my i7 5820k runs like a beast. Would definitely recommend, and if you are skeptical about it's price, just remember this is pretty adaptable and upgradable for the future.

  • PghYinzer - You won't be disappointed with this machine

    I've written a review on the e95 as well - I'll say go read that rather than have me write a complete novel here. :-)