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  • Texan Reader - It started to boil water but it reeked of a smell sort of like rubber. I had to turn it off immediately ...

    I purchased this for use as a science demonstration--to heat up something. It started to boil water but it reeked of a smell sort of like rubber. I had to turn it off immediately and had to leave the room for a half hour till the smell dissipated.

  • Renate Anna Froelich - Perfect

    Perfect fit in my 2014 ford escape. Highly recommend this item. Easy install and perfect fit. Easy to remove for cleaning.

  • Pdsniper78 - 05 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum

    These tires came factory on my Escalade, and I have just purchased the third set at 150,000 miles. 50,000 miles average per set is pretty good on this heavy vehicle. They ride great, and wear even with regular tire rotations. I could have probably got another 6 months on the last set but am going on a long road trip with the family this summer, and didn't want to chance getting a flat in the middle of no where. Will buy another set in another 50k or so. Highly recommend.

  • Buckaineer - Good Full Length Practice, But With Errors and Subpar Videos

    PROS: Not the most expensive option out there. The DAT is one of the top factors for dental school acceptance, so I thought it was worth the price IMHO. No time limit on the software. Many exam questions & exams. A good way to practice full-length mock exams. Explanations and videos for each question (also a con - see below). Responsive customer support. I've been scoring between 18-22 on the exam sections and my friends say this should equate to 20-24 on the real DAT. This is a good because I've heard of some software that is too tough and others that are too easy. I'd rather have one just a little harder than the actual exam.

  • John Eire - Decent, if not grindy, RPG experience

    This game has been advertised as a spiritual successor to Tri-ace's beloved Valkyrie Profile. In many ways, it is - the battle system and character based story are ripped straight from the VP franchise, and the 2D dungeon exploration is also very similar. The game differs from Valkyrie Profile in its setting and tone; whereas VP was heavily steeped in Norse mythology and offered a fantasy setting, Exist Archive is a pure sci-fi adventure taking place on on an alien planet. The caveat to Exist Archive's plot is that the playable cast are all natives of real world Tokyo, offering a parallel to Valkyrie Profile's real life and afterlife and linking the story much more closely to reality.