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  • Jdb1010 - Must Read

    One of the most insightful books I have read regarding the long term trends in American society. So often people shoot from the hip when discussing change, but Murray follows a very analytical path to proving points and detailing impacts. A must read book for anyone interested in social trends in the US.

  • FakeName - there's no cute black hole on it for the inflating pin anywhere - but you can draw one in in the middle of the 'nose' with a bla

    OK it's a real eight-inch-diameter volleyball - and no, there's no cute black hole on it for the inflating pin anywhere - but you can draw one in in the middle of the 'nose' with a black Sharpie and it looks perfect. The palm print is exactly the size of my full-grown-man hand and is a nice dark blood color. There's an inflating-pin hole on the backside if it needs air. Thing's perfect.

  • RandR10 - If You Can't Find a Job, Buy This Book

    You won't regret it. I ended up getting a call from a recruiter before I could implement any of the methods found here, but this book is a gold mine. This is not a "read it cover to cover" kind of book. Skip around and get the pertinent information for your purposes and you will find what you're looking for. Lots of ideas that most people don't think about for tracking down that next job. Another valuable tool in this book are the exercises you can do to tell you whether you actually want to do the job you're looking for. Lots of soul searching is sort of squeezed out if you actually do them as instructed. I found that to be especially interesting and valuable for the longer term.

  • dcs317 - because poor lousy instructions I bought this model

    this model should not be sold. why? because poor lousy instructions I bought this model. I threw the thing in the trash. very upset...

  • mskolnik1992 - Keeps Your Shadow in Place

    I was using Urban Decay make-up which was slightly pricier than this brand, but I think I like Too Faced even better now. The products go on great. They come in really cute vintage looking packaging and the convince of getting them through Amazon is great!!!

  • Jessie - Great solar lights!

    These lights are nice looking and easy to set up! Most importantly, they are solar powered! Make sure the area you set them up in gets exposed to plenty of sun during the day or else they won't work. You get 6 total which was enough to line my short walkway up to my front door. They provide more than enough light to see as you are walking up to the front door.. I don't even need to use my porch light anymore.

  • Edward J. Boothby - The silent stealth

    Nothing bad has happened to my computer since installing almost a year ago so it must be working well. Very unobtrusive with no reminders it is doing what it is supposed to do. Norton constantly reminds you it does its' job, to the point of being very annoying.