The Image Team – We've Got Your Image Covered. - The Image Team is a motorsport specialist photographic and PR agency based in Sheffield. We cover all of the UK and Europe. Contact The Image Team today to discuss your photographic requirements.

  • Partners and Associations – The Image Team - A list of partner and associated organisations which work with The Image Team.
  • Tell Me About: Single Seaters – The Image Team - A brief tour around the more common single seater racing championships from the UK and in Europe.
  • Terms and Conditions – The Image Team - Terms and Conditions from NINE56 Ltd t/a The Image Team for the provision of contract photographic services, contract PR services and the use of our online archive.
  • Portfolio – Rally – The Image Team - Portfolios of images taken at rally and off road motorsport events by The Image Team.
  • Portfolio – Other Motorsport – The Image Team - Photographs of general motorsport from The Image Team including the BTRA Truck Racing and Karting.

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