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  • Robert Ross - Was a little disappointed in the book

    Was a little disappointed in the book. I've had the bible series in the past for Framemaker and it provided more detail than this one did. Lacks in detail for customizing the ribbon and the indexing is excessive (points to pages non-relevant pages). Maybe good for a novice user but not detailed enough for advanced.


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  • lisa - Beautiful! Certainly recommend this kit and would purchase in ...

    I had been forewarned to take particular care with all stages of sanding. I grabbed a lawn chair and water hose settling in for the duration. It took probably twice as long as the directions indicated, but that was my being sure of smooth sanded surfaces with each step. Headlights are crystal clear! Beautiful! Certainly recommend this kit and would purchase in the future if needed!

  • Mike - At first I hated the cucumber odor

    At first I hated the cucumber odor, but I have gotten used to it. I use it at night and already see the little lines I had disappearing. My eye area is firming up and very soft. My dark circles are seeming to fade too. I couldn't believe how great this product works!

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  • S. Clair - Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore

    I really love this song! You can really get swept up in the beat and rhythm of this song, and actually feel the pain he's feeling!