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  • Betty - Its easy to apply and doesn't make my hair crunchy or ...

    this has helped my hair so much!! Its easy to apply and doesn't make my hair crunchy or greasy! I love it!

  • Stephen John, DDS - Best floss on the market!

    Seriously the best floss on the market! As a Periodontist, I am very particular on what floss I recommend to my patients. My wife is Dental Hygienist. It is the only floss that she will use. Most dental floss is too thin and not efficient on removing the plaque. Cocofloss is thick enough to remove the plaque and thin enough to fit through the contacts. The flavoring is just the right amount. Check out the Cocofloss website to see the therapeutic benefits of coconut oil. We give a 'sample' of Cocofloss to every patient. A large number of those patients who tried the floss have signed up for their 'automatic shipping program' so they will not run out of floss. Sure it is a bit more expensive than the other companies. BUT it is worth every cent. Give it a try! Give your teeth and gums a treat!

  • M. E. Rogers - The only stain remover to buy!

    I have three kids 8 & under and two dogs, and I have tried just about everything on the market. Kids & Pets is the best, hands down. It cleans the first time, takes the stain and odor away, and keeps pets from coming back to the area if they have marked. It does have a strong rubbing alcohol-type scent, but it evaporates and leaves your upholstery and carpet clean and fresh. It's much better than other cleaners that just cover up an odor with florals or other manufactured scents. I have used it to clean both our microfiber couch and my carpets and rugs, and it works wonders. My two year old gets into EVERYTHING, and so he's the one I'm cleaning up after the most. He did give me a run for my money last week with maple syrup on the couch and rug, but Kids & Pets got it out. Don't waste your money on anything else, this is the product to buy!

  • Ruackel - Awesome and simple enough

    This is a pretty simple easy to follow book I will update you on how the stuff works after I have tried them myself.

  • Amazon Customer - The Free CDL study guide from Department of motor vehicles (DMV) has all the same information and much more.

    This book consisted of some cut and pasted information from the "Free" state CDL study guide, and some practice questions. Save your money and go get the CDL Study Guide from your local Department of Motor Vehicles.