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  • iveybad - Before and After Pics

    To anyone who has taken these pills and has seen results...could you please send me before and after pics i have been trying to find something like this for so long and would hate to waste my money. my email is [email protected]

  • R. Karina - Fun take on English cuisine...

    Perhaps not the most authentic take on typical English food, but a fun read with (mostly) doable recipes. The tie-ins to the books are a nice touch and well done.

  • mark in hawaii - Rather expensive but it seems to work...

    My elderly mother suffers from Parkinson's & arthritis. For the past three years or so, she has had to curtail her daily activities. The pain in her legs have had her unable to walk and even do the simple stretching exercises that keep her mobile. She's tried a number of different products. Since starting the Australian Dream Cream, she has more than doubled her walk and has been able to resume simple household chores. To me, it has been quite remarkable.

  • dbana - Liked QB Pro 2006, Do Not Like QB Pro 2010

    I am a small business owner with 1 employee. I use QB to calculate my payroll, so in order to continue to get the payroll updates, I was forced to upgrade from 2006 to 2010. My 2010 backup files were immediately 2-3 times the size they were when I used QB Pro 2006. In addition, when backing up, there has been something wrong with my data about every fourth time I try to back up, and my data needs to be restored before it can be backed up. I never had this happen with QB Pro 2006. Finally, the features that have been added are nothing I need or would use, so I'm using up more computer space and having data problems for no gain, in addition to having to pay for this software. Like a lot of other small business owners, I only use QB because my accountant does. I would have recommended QB Pro 2006, but if you are in a position to choose your accounting software, I do not recommend QB Pro 2010.

  • Steve - Prime Is A Great Product

    I have been using Prime water conditioner for about one year for my freshwater aquariums and I am very satisfied with the results. I use it in conjunction with Purigen and Matrix and I find that the water in all the tanks stays crystal clear and within proper levels for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. I do 25% water changes weekly and add liquid calcium as needed to keep the PH level between 7.5-8 for snails.

  • Aaron - Refreshing

    This was a very refreshing take on fantasy, myth and magic style of stories. So many recent novels are to complicated and shallow. The character development was excellent and the slow buildup to revealing magic, elves, gods , dwarves and such was very well done.

  • Travis - Best Shampoo I've tried!

    This shampoo is super rich and gentle on my little guy. It keeps his skin issues at bay and makes shine like no other.