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  • JaNean - Amazing stuff. One of the best kept parent secrets ...

    I've never seen anything calm a baby so quickly. Ever. And we have 4 kids! When our baby is changed, fed, cuddled, free of entanglements and swaddled but still too tired to go to sleep we put the tiniest drop of this miracle goo on the tip of her pacifier and she calms down instantly! Amazing stuff. One of the best kept parent secrets out there.

  • Durbon - rear main seal

    I have used this in several vehicles. I bought an old Jeep for my daughter and after changing the oil for the first time it started leaking rather badly from the rear main seal. I put a bottle of AT-205 in and it hasn't leaked a bit after the 500 mile adjustment time. That has been 2 years. I'm sold on it. If it is a seal that is leaking, this stuff works.

  • Basso Continuo - works!

    After using this system for a week or two, there was noticeably less hair in my brush. Interesting, but nice, smell.

  • Movie Buff - A bit disappointed

    I had a Eureka stick vac for years and it finally bit the dust (so to speak) and I needed to replace it. I wanted something that would work well on my new hardwood floors and have good suction for quick touchups on my area rugs. This vacuum has good suction and I love the switch at fingers reach to switch between hardwood and carpet. I have a heavily shedding dog and it picks up the hair very well. My issues are two design flaws. The first is the battery life. Come on - a 15 minute battery on a nearly $200 vacuum???? That's ridiculous. I barely get thru 3 rooms and it is dead. A replacement battery runs $60 which when combined with the cost of the vacuum is the same as purchasing 4 of the Eureka's I had. The battery charger is also very finicky. If a large truck drives by it jostles the battery and it no longer has good contact to charge. If you stick the battery in the charger right out of the vacuum it is too hot and it won't charge until it cools which takes about 15-20 minutes on top of the regular charge time of nearly 3 hours. The second complaint is the dust cup. The latch is poorly designed and the "hatch" won't open to empty without pulling on which has netted me incredibly dirty hands twice now when emptying it. I think this has a great potential but for the cost I'm not happy with these two issues. When I clean I don't want to schedule 3 hours between rooms. I want it done and over with. I think Hoover needs to rethink the spare battery cost. I think this one is going to go back because the cost is simply not justified with these two siginificant issues.

  • brandensingletary - First time for everything

    I'm a long time reader(I started reading Comics in the early 2000s anyway) and this time reading an Archie comic an I must admit I kinda liked it. I'm very much use to darker stories form everything to Marvel to Vertigo(and dc) to dark horse to Image Comics with Saga being one of my favorite comic and speaking of Saga Fiona staples kills it on art in this Archie comic especially the cover and the writing by Mark Waid(a comic legend kingdom come still one of my favorite comic stories of all time)and he still has the magic. This comic is way lighter then my usual stuff in tone and even in art work and that's ok God knows we could use something's more on the brighter side in these dark day's where living in but I really like this comic so I'm keep reading.

  • George Mostoller - 2014 Remaster is Completely Awful

    The 2014 Remaster is terrible. Like so much music remastered these days for mp3 players, it is completely oversaturated, so that the sound is compressed and distorted, and there is almost no dynamic range. The sound file looks like a brick. This type of remaster is what gives digital sound a bad name and makes people long for vinyl. It is perfectly possible to make a great digital remaster, but this is not one of them. Boo!

  • Amber Skye - Fantastic

    I have used this stuff for about 3 months now and it is fantastic. My hair grows extremely quickly and seems to be stronger than when I started using it. Same for my nails. My skin seems more youthful looking as well. It has a sour grape lollipop taste that I don't exactly love, but it's not the worst either. I just kind of swallow it quickly and follow up with my yummy fiber gummies before heading to bed. Try this!