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Web Development St. Louis - Allegra is a St. Louis marketing agency with extensive experience in web design. We develop websites that are optimized for changing search engine ranking requirements and integrated with your other marketing channels, including social media.

  • https://webdevelopmentstlouis.com/process/ Process - Allegra - Having developed websites for so long, we utilize a 6 step website development process assuring we get it right the first time.
  • https://webdevelopmentstlouis.com/services/ Services - Allegra - Allegra is a St. Louis marketing agency offering a suite of cross-channel capabilities all coordinated through an easy-to-use marketing automation system.
  • https://webdevelopmentstlouis.com/faq/ Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about website design and the website development process. In this FAQ, we answer the most-asked questions.
  • https://webdevelopmentstlouis.com/management-team/ Team - Allegra - Allegra is led by a management team mixing strategic, tactical and creative talent. We've helped make others wildly successful and can do it for you, too.
  • https://webdevelopmentstlouis.com/contact-us/ Contact Us - Allegra - There are a wide assortment of ways to contact Allegra including driving, phoning, email, text message, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Do It!

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  • Amazon Customer - Nothing like an specialized bike computer.

    I'm glad I decided to buy a Garmin computer. It's far more convenient than using a phone, for many reasons. I have not used the community ride mode yet, but the navigation and segment handling is worth the price for me.

  • Charles Grayson - Kinda boring and stupid

    Crappy Flashpoint; he's got his mom and dad back, but just because Wally gets injured, that's enough for him to decide that he needs to reverse his timeline changes. In the comics, the changes to the world were profound and devastating, making it a lot more plausible that he wanted things back the way they were. This episode is an example of what bugs me most about television plotlines: writers often feel little need to provide a compelling motivation for a character's behavior. And while I'm complaining about the writers, this Flash is whiny and self-pitying.

  • Amazon Customer - Awfully Expensive for What it Does

    I read a number of articles about Sugru, many from Make magazine, so finally decided to try this stuff out. It's seems very expensive for what it does. Plus, it was somewhat difficult to work with compared to other clay-type of media. It was dryer than what I was expecting even though it was well within it's expiration date. It stuck to the packaging pretty badly so I had to scrape it out with my fingers, but then it was stuck to my fingers and somewhat difficult to mold.