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  • Topper - Too Thick to Use and Not Eligible for Return

    I cut open the shrink wrapped package today and opened the bottle to use for the first time. The glue was dried so thick inside the bottle it was a gummy mess and would not flow at all. The expiration date on the bottle is 6/3/2016. I tried to return it and found it was no longer eligible for return. Do not buy this item. If it is like mine, it is totally worthless and you are stuck with it, no pun intended!

  • Gregory Benoit - it's a really good fitness tracker

    I bought this for the swim tracking. It does that very well. Sometimes, the lap counter can be off by 1, but it tracks the speed, turns, and strokes. Strange thing, though, even though I'm swimming freestyle, it thinks I'm doing the backstroke. All, the time!

  • SF Beach - Office 2016: Poor Quality Product.

    I've been using MS Office for two decades. The last good one is the 2003 version. I skipped the 2007 version, because that one crashed all my VBA macro due to the Chinese characters in the modules. Then came the 2010 and 2013. They were very slow and unnecessarily complicated the chart formatting. No deal with those. Now I installed the bundled Office 2016 Home & Student in my new laptop. The charts look awful. When I try to edit the line markers, I could not tell the difference among the selection drop down list, because they are just the dark red and dark green mix. This poor quality product should not have come from Microsoft.

  • Amazon Customer - I'm very disappointed that I spent the amount I did for a ...

    I received my item on February 26th, and less than 3 months later, my lumee no longer works. I had no problems at all when I first received it, but by the time I had to finally charge it, the case would no longer charge. The light would only work when plugged in, however that wasn't every time. I'm very disappointed that I spent the amount I did for a case that broke less than 3 months later.

  • Avery Innis - Stupid Belt Loops

    For some stupid reason some of the Dickie's shorts have belt loops that are too short for a normal belt. The rest of the shorts are great - just the belt loops are a problem