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Wild SF Walking Tours: Alternative walking tours of San Francisco | Alternative SF walking tours - San Francisco Walking Tours by Artists and "Hipsters" -- Mission, Castro, Chinatown, Downtown, Free Tours and Ghost Tours. Best of the Bay award winner.

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  • chrissped - PERFECT! But not for everyone.

    The audio that comes through this cable is clearer than angel phlegm. I mean, we're talking about distortion measured in nano-decibels, far beyond the human ear's ability to discern. I have a Denon Ultra-Brute AVRX 92080 Self-refracting Hyper-cooled Receiver and its perfectly matched twin blu-ray player (BR 92080), and other cables (gold, salmon-skin, Tanadium, etc.) just weren't doing it. To be honest, the stereo-cilia in my ears are almost twice as long as normal, and so I hear things others cannot, and am very sensitive to the slightest imbalance or distortion. The vast majority of you should save your money, as you will not be able to discern the excellence of these cables, but to me, it's been eye (and ear) opening! These are the only cables made that can accurately reproduce the Wilhelm Scream just as it was originally recorded, to chilling effect I might add. I now know what the Electric Light Orchestra is actually saying after the line, "Don't bring me down....". As for the video, these cables provide a window into the actors's souls; something no ordinary cable can do. I now realize that Mel Gibson isn't really a bad guy, just crazy and demented. By filming my female friends and watching the video through these cables, my success-rate at scoring with them has gone through the roof! One does NOT need twice-normal-length stereo-cilia in order to appreciate THAT!

  • Christie Cereshko - Perfect for our 2015 4Runner

    These were a prefect fit for our 2015 4Runner. So happy we decided to get them before winter, they completely saved our fabric mats and kept the interior clean for spring.

  • Private - Buggy, constantly crashes - BAD UPDATE!!!

    I can't agree enough with all the negative reviews on here. I've lost a lot of time and work because this stupid version keeps crashing, when I'm doing really complicated things like, oh, just typing words without any special formatting!!!! Grrrr... I'm sick of having to re-open the damn software, and I've complained to Apple and to Microsoft. Nothing, nada, no response. Thanks for taking my money and giving me a steaming pile of crapware, Microsoft! Or Apple, whoever the heck is to blame.

  • subas - Good stuff ..

    4 stars only cause not a full read yet but 5 so far . Easy to read and you get the message .

  • No One - Great headset in terms of comfort...

    Great headset in terms of comfort but no way to click on screen to navigate. Need to open it up to select things. Also, hard to calibrate with cardboard since no qr code was provided, I tried a couple different ones but the calibration wasn't quite right. But in terms of comfort and focal settings, this was excellent.

  • gato - Xenna All Natural NonyX Nail Gel, For Toenails and Fingernails - 4 oz

    This product works well. You must have patience because it will take months to get your toes looking close to normal.