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The Willard Hypnosis Center, Pennsylvania's Hypnotist - Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, and more. - Willard Hypnosis Center serving the Lancaster and all of Pennsylvania (PA), helping people to stop smoking, lose weight, get over fears, and more.

  • http://willardhypnosis.com/Smoking_Cessation.html Stop Smoking - Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - The Willard Hypnosis Center, Helping people in the Lancaster and Central PA to stops smoking fast and without durgs.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/LoseWeight.htm Lose Weight with hypnosis at the Willard Hypnosis Center, Conestoga, PA - The Willard Hypnosis Center, Helping people in the Lancaster and Central PA to lose weight.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/Manage%20Stress.htm Manage Stress - The Willard Hypnosis Center, Helping people in the Lancaster and Central PA to manage stress with hypnosis.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/TestAnxiety.htm Test Anxiety! Making the grade with hypnosis. - Let hypnosis help you overcome test anxiety and other perforance issues with hypnosis at the Willard Hypnosis Center. Located in Conestoga, PA,they help peope from near and far overcome this and other issues.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/Alive.htm Living - Learn how feel alive again with hypnosis at the Willard Hypnosis Center. Located in Conestoga, PA.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/about.html Roger J. Willard, Certified Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist and Forensic Hypnotist, serving Lancaster, York, Harriburg and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania - Roger J. Willard, Hypnotherapist serving the Cental Pennsylvania area, helping people to take charge of their lives.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/Business%20Resources.htm Business Resources - Our business resources to help your businesses and your employees. Located in Conestoga, PA.
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/sessions.html Sessions & Sessions and Fees, Willard Hypnosis Center - The Willard Hypnosis Center and what does it cost to go to a Consulting Hypnotist
  • http://willardhypnosis.com/forensic.html Fornesic Hypnosis - Roger J. Willard, Forensic Hypnotist and the Willard Hypnosis Center serving all of Pennsylvania and the United States.

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  • Jamie Woellert - I'm home!

    I have known these people all my life, just did not know they were famous. Anyone growing up on this side of the tracks is either a part of a family like this or knows one. I love all the characters, it's my family so.....

  • OOSA Online Book Club - Decent

    Everyone else has pretty much said it all. I'll just say it was easy to install and not hard to use. A manual would have been helpful, though. It does, however, use a large amount of memory and slowed the computer down. Overall, it's good but it's not great.

  • Nikki - So far, so good

    I have not taken the NCLEX-PN yet, but this has done well as a study guide so far (taking it next month, so my opinion may change!) I did use it some during the course and it was very helpful with some of the information. I do wish there was more to it, but it is great as an overview of everything.

  • lisak - A five because it works

    I bought this for my teenage daughter with severe acne on her back and mild but continuous acne on her face. We have tried many products: Proactive body wash, panoxyl, clean and clear, Neutrogena with AHA, and doxycycline from her doctor with minimal results and harsh drying of the skin. I bought Lerosett for the free trial off the web site. The results for the first three weeks: her face is completely clear even the little red spots or scars are healed. Her skin is beautiful. And her back is about 60% healed with use of 1 x day and 5x per week. Nothing we have used has produced a result even close to this. I am sure with more consistent use the results would be even more impressive. This product works....worth every penny. No drying or flaking of the skin. The only side effect is clear skin. I read a lot of reviews and frequent complaints about the price. I would pay it because of the results but with a little searching I found the Rhassoul clay (the main ingredient) very inexpensive by the pound and mix it yourself. We mix ours with Aloe Vera Juice.

  • Gary - Don't waste your money

    I just purchased this useless software. If you are a CPA you can probably suss this out or use Quick Books. If you are not an accountant, this software will not get the job done. I thought this software was just for managing rental properties. It wants you to add your checking accounts and manage your personal expenses. I have accounts for each property. I wanted a simple ledger to record property, tenants, income and expenses. I was hoping for too much. Back to the paper ledger.

  • Amazon Customer - Digital copy poor version of print copy

    Kindle version was horrible to navigate. The go-to options did not correspond to the chapter titles in the print book.

  • DishMar - I had hoped it would smell more like rose, and I don't find it as moisturizing ...

    I had hoped it would smell more like rose, and I don't find it as moisturizing as I'd hoped for the price, but all in all it is OK.