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City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Reptilefan - ONLY the best car ever!

    Clearly the best car you can currently buy. 100% electric. Very minimal maintenance. Great looks. Faster than million dollar cars. Ever since buying mine, I don't look forward to trips where I have to rent an ICE vehicle.

  • clint groesbeck - This stuff works great even for someone that takes narcotic pain medicine. Sorry no pics.

    Bought this for my Father. He really needed it badly. He had months worth of back up. It looks like he was wearing a backpack backwards. Trust me spare tire doesn't do him justice. His belly was about hard as a rock. It was bad, I can't stress this enough. He would actually go weeks without a BM.

  • Kay Edwards - That is the only thing about the product I liked..

    The CLA kept me from gaining weight. That is the only thing about the product I liked....because I wasn't able to loose any weight.

  • Teh Arbitrageur - Awful interface, more frustration than joy here

    Specifics: it's infuriating that, at least on my PS3, if you forget to plug the cable into the guitar until you've already started the program, the program refuses to recognize it -- you must actually turn off the PS3 and turn it back on to get the guitar usable. Sure, maybe this is a PS3 limitation, but why in Hendrix's name didn't they discover this during their testing and give you a clear message like "No guitar detected -- you need to plug it in, or turn your PS3 off and on to get it working".