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    I love doomsday movies but this particular film left me with a regurgitated taste in my mouth. The acting was horrendous and the dialogue gave me a lingering headache. Once in a while, I will find a B movie that is so-so. This one didn't even come close and seriously people...if those people were the chosen ones from God, then we would be in a world of trouble!!!

  • Steve Wallace - Another Amazing Lost Fleet Story

    Raymond you have done it again. Another amazing story, emotional, action packed and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. Couldn't put it down once I started and it was more than worth the wait. I can't wait to see how Jeremy and the special five end the story in the last two books.

  • Dave Goodreau - exceptional, mind altering, WOW!

    1,000,000 words could not describe this. its to immense. i'm gonna keep it short here, because nothing that i could possibly say could do justice to this incredible piece of literature. thats right, i said literature. "The Wall" tells a story, about a man who's fist name is Pink, and well, his last name is Floyd. "The Wall" follows Pink's life, from his abandoned, abused childhood, through his days in a machine like school system bent on turning children into faceless clones and stifling individuality. it follows Pink through a failed marriage, a wild career as a rock musician, a burned-out, drug induced mental collapse in a hotel room, and his maddening retreat into his inner psyche to escape his crumbling reality, to live in a mentally projected world in which he has control. there are scores of overlaying and interacting themes, about society, individuals, relationships, motherhood, war, mental illness etc... etc... etc... the whole story interacts beautifully and the music is just stunning. David Gilmore is at the top of his game here, his guitar is precise, beautiful, and haunting. Roger Water's writing is supurb, flawless. the whole story explores society's problems through the unfortunate life of one of its victem's, bringing large issue's to a very frightening and personal level. this is not just a piece of music, its a true work of art, and the fact that Pink Floyd made the story and the music work together so nicely is a true credit to them. this is great. there is a full length film that goes along with this album, set completely to the music of the album with minimal dialogue, fittingly titled "The Wall". if 1,000,000 words can't describe the album, then 2,000,000 words couldnt describe the movie. hear it, see it!

  • msculati - Much better suited for the young adult crowd

    This is an excellent book for a teenager. If, however, you are a serious Historical Fiction reader of such authors as Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Conn Igguldenn, SJA Turney, RW Peake, David Pilling, James Mace et all--this book will be a major disappointment. Sophomoric, wooden characters with zero character development--just not good for an adult reader

  • Sheila - Have used for decades! Excellant product!

    Excellent product! Our family has used this literally for decades! Its excellent for scratches, punctures by thorns (etc.) and some rashes that itch. If you have any minor cut, scratch etc. put some of this on, cover with a Band Aid and it helps clean it as well as speeds healing time. I will use this before using anything else!