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  • Amazon Customer - good.

    my pregnant wife says it's good. smells like cocoa because it' cocoa butter i guess. it's not stick so it's good.

  • Coco caribe - Please stay away from this products!

    After using these evil creams for 3 weeks, my face started swelling and becoming very itchy...them suddenly I noticed open blisters, and small bumps all over my cheeks. My sun skin discoloration disappeared for the first 2 weeks using the creams, after that they came back, those first 2 weeks I was loving my skin to the point I didn't have to use any makeup! But everything change after that. The company make it really hard to return these creams. I'm very disappoint and distress by all this. So, I didn't think this was going to happen to me. Don't let any Brand partner or friends to push you to buy this product. My honest opinion. I'm surprised nobody is taking this Nerium AD to a legal court. This world is depressing how people let money drive their lives. Good luck! And remember, the most important thing is if you are going to sell this stuff, pls don't involve your friends and family in to it...You will be very sorry!!!!!!

  • Mark - The Trouble with Tribbles

    It took a lot of convincing, but after nagging my wife for (quite literally) weeks, I finally convinced her that our audio system needed these speaker cables. Sure, we live in a trailer, but even we need some high quality audio from time to time. I have, after all, spent a lot of time getting the acoustics of that trailer just right. And I figured I could reduce my low frequency even further with these bad boys.

  • Depot022 - Game broken

    DRM ruined this game. Can't play this game offline when you're not connected to the internet or when the server is down.

  • electroman - A Steady Performer

    I have used Norton/Symantec products since 1988. Norton Anti Virus has been a staple since 1990. It has NEVER failed to keep my systems virus free both professionally and personally. I used it in a small CPA office as well as a 300+ workstation healthcare environment on Netware servers and user systems. You can read "professional" reviews and believe what you want but for me Norton WORKS!!!! I currently use it on a 2 desktops, 3 notebooks, 3 tablets and 4 phones running Windows, Android and Apple OS. As for speed issues - simply run any scans, backups, etc. at night! Speed has never been an issue for me!