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  • Eohany - Dark and slightly depressing

    I love short story collections, they're perfect for delving in deep or taking short snips of enjoyment depending on one's mood or time constraints. Unfortunately, this years collection of the Best American Short Stories was mostly misses for me. The overall theme seemed to be lack of resolution, unhappy relationships and feelings of loss/loneliness. Don't get me wrong, many of the stories are well-written, they're just too dark in theme for my taste. Overall, this is a very good way to meet new authors without committing too much sight unseen. If you tend to enjoy short stories darker in tone, this is definitely for you. If you like your reading a bit on the happier side, I'd pass on this year's edition.

  • ImsexynIride - Seeing results in less than 2 weeks!

    Diggin' this product!!! I too have been dealing with toenail fungus for years. Trying product after product with zero improvement. I purchased this because it was $4 cheaper than Walmart and other stores and because of all the reviews. I am not disappointed. I have been using this twice a day. I received this about a 13 days ago. My big toenails have been my biggest issue. I filed them down and have been using the treatment. My nails are brighter/whiter, the dead fungusy nail/skin under them and yucky yucky stuff have been coming off after showers. They are looking MUCH better. I have 2 toenails that are crumbly. After using this, the crumbly's have come off and its bare. But now I think a new nail will grow healthy in its place. I have one nail that was extremely dark and I think it will take some more time with that one, but I'm hopeful! This is the first time that I have actually seen some type of results, so quickly! I'm super excited and look forward to being able to wearing some peep toe shoes eventually! :-)

  • Oldfart01 - TOTAL RIP-OFF, BEWARE

    When I loaded this disc that I paid $23 for I got a message telling me that it is a 30 day trial & that for another $29.99 I could get the "full" version. What a joke & what a total rip-off. Acronis will give you a 30 day trial for FREE!!! Who would pay $23 for a 30 day trial? At least Amazon made it easy to return.

  • LindaPBFL - Great Product

    This product really works for aches and pains. I use it at bedtime on whatever happens to be aching that day - sometimes it's my knee, sometimes my wrist, neck, whatever. And it definitely takes the pain away. And no smell!!

  • CaliGal - Perfect

    Price is low and it was just what I needed with all the electronic purchases we all need more of these in between ordering checks these days.