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  • Warnebald - Real Niacin

    It is getting harder to find real niacin anywhere. Many adds that list niacin are really selling niacinimide or one of the other "flush free" substitutes that are cheaper to make and store. If you are looking for the actual benefits of natural niacin, like the reduction of bad cholesterol and healthy heart and circulation, you will often be frustrated by the flood of "fake niacin" products, many of which can even cause liver damage at the levels niacin is often prescribed for cardiac health. This is a real, pure, natural niacin, without fillers or other contaminants, I will continue to buy this as long as it is available. 

  • Amazon Customer - Planchette is plastic and not very good for actual use

    If you're buying this because you actually know how to use a ouija board just don't.. This version is more for a prop or people looking to goof off. Planchette is plastic and not very good for actual use, it lights up though so it would look very cool in a photo shoot.

  • William Barrick - Fits well, looks good

    Got it quickly. Installed easily and looks great. Also survived an unfortunate encounter with a deer without cracking or breaking.

  • Michael H - Enjoyable

    Plenty of songs as well as lessons and mini games to play to help take you from amateur guitar player to at least an intermediate level of playing. It will take time, mind you it is the 60 day challenge and not 10 for a reason, so don't get angry if you keep failing at something. Even after only 1 hour of playing, I see a difference because I went from knowing nothing to at least knowing some of the basics.

  • Hmmm - They work (at a high dosage)! And they're too expensive.

    At a dosage of 8 pills/day, there is a very substantial improvement with my sinus congestion. However, even after a 10-day loading period, 2 pills/day do almost nothing. Considering how expensive these are, I'm torn between ordering more and living in my usual misery.