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Homepage | ACVR - The American College of Veterinary Radiology is a non-profit organization of veterinary specialists in Radiology and Radiation Oncology.

  • https://www.acvr.org/webform/create-account Create Account | ACVR - See Join an ACVR Society to create an account. Veterinarians or non-veterinarians with an interest in Ultrasound, CT/MRI, Nuclear Medicine, or Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging can join one or more of the ACVR Societies. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tom Nyland, ACVR Webmaster using this form.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/veterinary-professionals Veterinary Professionals | ACVR - An ACVR board-certified radiologist or radiation oncologist can provide the information you need to make informed health care decisions for your patients.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/pet-owners Pet Owners | ACVR - The ACVR Radiologist or Radiation Oncologist can help the primary care veterinarian provide the best possible care for your pet.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/contact-us Contact Us | ACVR - ACVR Executive Directors Office Dr. Tod Drost, Executive Director Administrative Services ACVR administrative services are provided by the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMEDSOC). Libby Dietrich, Administrator Connie Benson, Assistant Administrator Sharon Fahrer, Meeting Manager Kelley Richwine, Member Service Specialist 777 E.
  • https://www.acvr.org/article/2017-acvr-annual-dues 2017 ACVR Annual Dues | ACVR -   Deadline for 2017 Diplomate, Resident/Post-Trainee dues payment is January 1, 2017. There will be no dues changes from last year. Use the Contact Us email form if you have any problems. For those who have requested the ability to donate to the Memorial Speaker's Fund online, we can now also accept those donations as well.
  • https://www.acvr.org/article/congratulations-new-2016-acvr-diplomates Congratulations New 2016 ACVR Diplomates! | ACVR - Congratulations to our 25 new 2016 ACVR Radiology and 5 Radiation Oncology Diplomates who recently passed their respective board certification examinations in early September! RADIOLOGY DIPLOMATES Dr. Erica Baravik-Munsell - Mississippi State University Dr. Megan Bounds - MedVet Associates Dr. Justin Cardwell - Cornell University Dr.
  • https://www.acvr.org/article/2016-acvr-new-resident-registration 2016 ACVR New Resident Registration | ACVR - All new ACVR Residents are required to register online with the ACVR before August 31, 2016. Please wait to register until you have permanent contact information at your new location.
  • https://www.acvr.org/article/2016-acvr-resident-research-grant-awards 2016 ACVR Resident Research Grant Awards | ACVR - Congratulations! The following Residents were awarded 2016 ACVR Resident Research Awards for their proposed research: Dr. Kimberly Cronin - Michigan State University: “Strain sonoelastography in feline chronic renal disease.” Mentor: Dr. Anthony Pease. Grant funded by the ACVR Veterinary Ultrasound Society. Dr.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/advertising-options Advertising Options | ACVR - 90-day Job Listing - Make your payment securely using PayPal and then go to the Job Listing Submission Form to submit your listing. The listing includes posting on the website in our Job Listings section and an email announcement to all members. Mailing Labels - Make your payment and then go to the Mailing Labels Request Form to arrange shipment.
  • https://www.acvr.org/node/676 CT/MRI Society Case of the Month | ACVR - Members of the ACVR CT/MRI Society have contributed excellent cross-sectional imaging cases from their collections and practices. Cases can be viewed in your web browser without additional software...just click on the link below. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experts in the field.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/about-american-college-veterinary-radiology About American College of Veterinary Radiology | ACVR - The ACVR is an AVMA Recognized Veterinary Specialty Organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Illinois as a non-profit organization of veterinary specialists in Radiology and Radiation Oncology. The ACVR is NOT an institution of higher education and is NOT authorized to award degrees or college credit.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/acvr-disclaimer ACVR Disclaimer | ACVR - ACVR is a non-profit organization of veterinary specialists in Radiology and Radiation Oncology. The information provided in this website is offered for the benefit of its members, trainees and the general public. ACVR does not independently verify or substantiate the information provided on other websites that may be linked to this site.
  • https://www.acvr.org/page/acvr-privacy-policy ACVR Privacy Policy | ACVR - This website is owned or operated by or on behalf of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR). Our address is: American College of Veterinary Radiology 777 E.

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