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  • K. C. Kaericher - Hidden exclusions

    The advertising for this product indicates it fixes scratches and I'm shut it does just that. However, AFTER getting the instructions on hand you find out that it only foxes scratches on certain materials which, of course, excludes my car. Waste of money for me and anyone else with plastic parts that are scratched or clear coat protectant on their finish.

  • Blues Music Fan - So raw and personal!

    My favourite Lady Gaga album and one of my favourite pop albums of all time is 'Born This Way'. While I was disappointed with ARTPOP, the moment I heard a snippet of the first song 'Diamond Heart' from her latest offering titled 'Joanne', I was hooked! I had to order my copy of the album, right away!

  • Inigo Montoya - Best (and most expensive) diaper cream...

    Most expensive diaper creme I used, but definitely the best. I tried Desitin first, then moved to A&D, and then Boudreaux's Butt Paste..