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Australia For Dolphins | Working against Dolphin Hunting and Slaughter - Australia For Dolphins works against the slaughter of dolphins and small whales worldwide. Join us against the cruel hunting of Taiji Dolphins.

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  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    This Tea Tree oil works very well. I mix it with water and spray it on my plants to keep insects away. It kills mold. Takes the itch, redness and swelling from mosquito bits. I wish the bottle had a slow drip valve, but I think I can take one from my eucalyptus bottle when it is gone. Overall- great product for a great price

  • Eric Wade - Peel-N-Seal works - BUT!!!

    I have used this product for years and it works great -- BUT -- you must clean then prime the areas that are going to receive this product first with an asphalt primer - this comes in a spray can or 5 gallon pail -- light coat only - let it dry - then and only then put Peel-n-seal on. If you do not clean and prime the surface first I guarantee it will let go with-in 2 months - do it properly and it will last for years.

  • Kimmy-Sue - He loves it!

    I bought this for my Husband for Christmas and he loves it! He uses it almost every day! It is better than his old one that stop working!

  • Normal Hair - Leaves your hair looking dirty

    Listened to the hype- tried Wen, paid way to much for the worst shampoo I have ever used. My husband and I have normal untreated hair, this shampoo left both of us with greasy hair and it looked like we needed to wash our hair. Maybe if you have very dry hair, it works like advertised.

  • J. Simon - best ever

    I have stainless steel decks on waterfront property that's always pitting from the salt water corrision. THis is the best product out there and the easiest to apply. It never scratches the polished steel and oxidizes the rust so you can just wipe it off with a paper towel.

  • Roxie - Just didn't work

    Really wanted to like this seat but had to return it. My daughter's little head was smushed in between the side impact cushions. We purchased a Britax Advocate Clicktight instead and couldnt be happier.

  • Amazon Customer - So far so good.

    Because of recurring UTI's I was advised by my urologist to take a low dose prescribed antibiotic plus one cranberry tablet daily. So far so good.