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Allan Webb - Allan Webb's services include Technical Publications, Codification, Procurement, Obsolescence Management, Inventory Management, Parts Data Management and...

  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/about-us/ About Us - Allan Webb - Allan Webb are a leading supplier of technical writing and translation, technical illustrating and integrated logistics support services.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/about-us/our-history/ Our History - Allan Webb started Allan Webb Ltd in 1960 as a Cataloguing and Codification contractor to the Ministry of Aviation, War Office and Ministry of Supply.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/bae-systems-auxillary-oiler/ BAE Systems Auxiliary Oiler - Allan Webb - Allan Webb have provided an integrated Parts Management and Documentation service to BAE SYSTEMS for the Auxiliary Oiler, procuring over £4million of spares
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/diving-through-xml/ Driving Through XML - Allan Webb - The Allan Webb team plans to take the existing Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) publications and re-author them into an XML format.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/in-service-support-cataloguing/ ISS for Naval Vessels - Allan Webb - Allan Webb is the sole provider of In-Service Support (ISS) for Naval Type A and Type B vessels.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/keeping-the-foxhound-in-action/ Keeping the Foxhound in Action - Allan Webb - Allan Webb is proud to have been continuously supporting a highly valued UK Military Project: the General Dynamics Land Systems Foxhound project.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/mod-protected-mobility-team/ MoD Protected Mobility Team - We regularly advise MoD Project Teams (PTs) on inventory accuracy and full Codification; the Protected Mobility Team (PMT) was one such team.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/operational-support-programmes/ Operational Support Programmes - Allan Webb - Allan Webb has been selected to provide technical support for both the Operational Support Vehicle and Operational Infrastructure Programmes.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/about-us/case-studies/scanning-plymouth/ Scanning Plymouth - Allan Webb - Among the many major benefits to be gained from Allan Webb's document scanning services are savings in time, space and money.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/about-us/case-studies/veritas/ VERITAS - Allan Webb - Project VERITAS is a joint Army HQ and DE&S initiative to provide a costing and inventory management application managing Equipment and Logistics costs.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/defence/ Defence - Allan Webb - Allan Webb has been providing essential services to the defence industry for over 50 years including Technical Publications, ILS and Inventory Management.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/government-non-defence/ Government (Non-Defense) - Allan Webb - Our Government services include: Document Scanning & Management, Technical Publications, Technical Translation, Cataloguing, NATO Codification Services.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/aerospace/ Aerospace - Allan Webb - Our key Aerospace services include Commercial Technical Publications, Procurement, Codification, Obsolescence Management and Inventory Management.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/energy/ Energy - Allan Webb - We provide a services which can drive cost savings including Product Cataloguing, Data Cleansing, Procurement, Spares Optimisation, Obsolescence Management.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/local-governments/ Local Governments - Allan Webb - Local governments can be overwhelmed by paperwork. Electronic Document Management, Scanning, Indexing and Digital Document Entry can reduce the workload.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/homeland-securities/ Homeland Security - Allan Webb - We have worked with the defence industry for over 50 years and many of the services we provide are directly transferable to Homeland Security.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/civil-engineering/ Civil Engineering - Allan Webb - Our Civil Engineering services include Digitising plans, technical drawings, sketches & CAD documents, Cataloguing, Procurement and Obsolescence Management.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/transport/ Transport - Allan Webb - We are a leading provider of integrated logistics support to the transport industry and can provide services that help drive efficiency in your supply chain
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/communications/ Communications - Allan Webb - We are specialists in authoring Technical Publications and have produced for a variety of functions. We can translate publications into almost any language.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/it-sector/ IT Sector - Allan Webb - Our services to the IT Sector include: Technical Publications, Technical Translation, Document Scanning, Cataloguing, Procurement & Obsolescence Management.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/education/ Education - Allan Webb - Our Education services include document scanning, from forms or even handwritten documents, and the production of training resources for almost any function
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/industries/health-medical/ Health and Medical - Allan Webb - Our Document Management services can help make you leaner and more effective. Find patient files, pharmaceutical sheets and previous prescriptions quickly.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/ Technical Publications - Allan Webb - Allan Webb produce technical publications and documentation for a range of industries such as Defence, Aerospace, Engineering, IT, Health/Medical and Energy
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/military-publications/ Military Publications: AESPs, APs & BRs - Allan Webb produce a range of Military publications such as AESPs, APs and BRs, all of which are ASD S1000D or ASD S2000M compliant.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/military-publications/aesp/ Army Equipment Support Publications - Allan Webb are specialists at producing Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) and have authored AESPs for a range of equipment and vehicles.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/military-publications/air-publications/ Air Publications (APs) - Allan Webb - Air Publications (APs) provide technical information concerning aircraft and aircraft equipment.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/military-publications/books-of-reference/ Books of Reference (BRs) - Allan Webb - Books of Reference (BRs) provide technical information for Royal Navy equipment.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/military-publications/s1000d/ ASD S1000D - Allan Webb - Allan Webb can write new technical publications that confirm to ASD S1000D or convert existing technical publications to ASD S1000D format.
  • http://www.allanwebb.co.uk/technical-publications/military-publications/s2000m/ ASD S2000M - Allan Webb - We offer specialised support for ASD S2000M and our clients have included manufacturers, agencies, sub-contractors and 2nd/3rd tier suppliers.

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  • Brian M - Good, but could be edited down a lot

    This book could be a third the size, and I would like it better. The essays by agents and different people are tedious. The basic information about the writer's market is, as always, exactly as needed.

  • Marie - A MUST HAVE OIL !!!

    I really love my Frankincense essential oil and this brand is no exception. I use it in my skin care products and I feel it gives the extra benefit that I am looking for. While I am not an expert on oils I have been using them for several years and have tried several brands. This brand seemed strong and pure. I also use this oil in my diffuser at home and at the office. My family and my coworkers really like the aroma. They really aren't aware of all of the health benefits but I know that I am helping to take good care of the people that are important to me. It does seem to lift my spirits and the spirit of those around me. I believe it brings out positivity in my home and office which is a huge bonus for me. I am all for reducing stress in all areas of my life and this certainly seems to help. I love that this is one hundred percent pure and natural. This comes in a large four ounce glass amber bottle with a glass dropper. I would definitely recommend this company and this oil to others. It would make a wonderful gift. I received this Majestic Pure Frankincense Essential Oil at a promotional price. This review is my one hundred percent honest and unbiased opinion.

  • dbhinkle - Worst accounting software and customer service.

    I bought this product and ended up traveling overseas for over two months. When I got back I started using the software and found it is more difficult to use than they lead on. Even the tutorials I watched were people sitting down with professionals helping them connect the dots. It is way over the top for the small business/home user. When I called Intuit, they would not refund me because of the 60 day policy and would not even consider the software had not been activated. There offer to me was to de-authorize the license for my product.

  • Tara Hart - For the money these are great. They we a near perfect fit except for ...

    For the money these are great. They we a near perfect fit except for one hole (on the mudflap not the truck) that needed to be open up a little more. They look strong and durable.

  • Labrajak - I have only just received and started oil pulling. I will know more later

    I really like the content of the book and I am very happy to start 'oil pulling' every morning. I am able to achieve 15 minutes worth, prior to breakfast. It's getting rid of the mucus at the back of my throat. My mouth feels clean afterwards. It is something I intend keeping on as a morning ritual. Too early for the teeth to whiten, but I am looking forward to seeing the difference. I am into all aspects of using Coconut Oil, and highly recommend all of Bruce Fife's books.