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  • Dan Halchak - It's Tax Software...what more do you want

    I love that it brings almost everything from last year in and just makes you verify the information. Makes everything super easy!!! Amazon had the best price and with the digital download I was up an running within a minute or two of purchase. Total process took less than 30 minutes to complete. I'll take that for doing taxes any day.

  • Ray Moya - Thank you!!

    Love my new antenna! No more broken antenna while driving through my local car wash. GREAT product, price and delivery. HIGHLY recommend!

  • S. Larsen - I like it and am ordering more

    I have been taking Threelac for 2 months. I know it has helped my Candida. It takes a long time to rid your body of Candida so it is important to stick with it once you decide what to use. I have yet to actually be yeast free so I can't claim to be cured but I have noticed die-off symptoms and my yeast problems are much better.

  • hjpool08 - finally helped my tummy troubles

    After suffering from the after-effects of cdif (bad bacterial problem)for about 11 months, a doctor recommended that I try Align. Although i still got sick a few times after taking it, my symptoms drastically decreased, and I eventually got my intestinal track back where it should be. Even now, over a year after starting Align, I am not planning on stopping. The few times I have forgotten to take it, I could tell a difference! If you go on an antibiotic or are having intestinal issues, I definitely suggest it!

  • haddie - Great products

    Marrakesh products make your hair look great! I have thick straight hair and my daughter has thick curly hair. These products work for both of us. Our hair is shiny, smooth and healthy without being greasy or flat. My daughter uses the X-Detangler when she is at the beach and it keeps her hair in great shape despite wind, sun and salt. We also love the smell!