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Amy Lara Veterinary Clinic | Artane Veterinary Clinic | Small Animal Hospital in Artane, Dublin 5 - Amy Lara Veterinary Clinic is a progressive companion animal practice that is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of excellence in the area of veterinary medicine.

  • http://www.amylaravetclinic.ie/pl/index.html Amy Lara Veterinary Clinic .::. Artane Veterinary Clinic .::. Small Animal Hospital in Artane, Dublin 5 - Amy Lara to postepowa klinika weterynaryjna, ktorej celem jest osiagniecie doskonalosci w leczeniu zwierzat domowych.

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    City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Mark Shaw - Great alternative to the OEM flaps !!

    These flaps are well made and you can buy a pair for about 20% of the price of the Toyota flaps. They are custom fit and you woulnd never know they were aftermarket parts. The fasteners that came with them did not work for my Tacoma. I re-used the screws and a couple of the plastic clips from the old ones. I had to elongate one hole that didnt line up perfect but that was easy. Great product for a great price !

  • redtaz - looks and smells great

    I color my hair and I try to deep condition at least once a week to keep it healthy. First off this conditioner comes in a glass jar (no personal opinion) and is white and not so thick. I have medium length hair that is naturally curly. After washing I placed this on my hair for about 20 minutes (nothing takes as directed in my hair). This product does smell great. After rinsing my hair was soft and not so shiny but that was ok. I can visibly notice that my hair is not as dry as before. I believe with continued use I will see better results.

  • tomato - Great

    This thermometer is fantastic. The last time my toddler was sick, I was using a forehead thermometer, an underarm thermometer, as well as a oral thermometer, because they were all reading a little differently and I did not know which one to trust. His temperature was getting concerning rapidly, and I felt so helpless, because I felt like I wasn't getting good information as to how his fever was progressing. The forehead thermometer was the one that he tolerated the best, but it was the one that seemed most inaccurate.

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    Rich, very subtle calendula smell, works GREAT. It's WAY smoother and creamier than other diaper creams so we love it. Or does not contain fragrance, the very mild smell is from the plant.

  • Eleni (New Jersey) - You get what you pay for

    In the beginning I liked the belt. It has 2 pads on it. After less than a month of using it one pad does not have any electrical stimulation. Because it was so cheap I don't even bother to return it. Just will throw it away.

  • Michael J. Broz - Didn't seem to work on chipmunks under the hood

    I have a truck I have to park outside and we have lots of mice, chipmunks, and squirrels around here. I have been having trouble with rodents (mostly chipmunks I think) hanging out in the engine compartment and stealing insulation. I picked up a box of these at the local hardware store and put 2 packets under the hood last night (along with 4 socks full of moth balls around the truck). Got up this morning to find 2 chipmunks running out from under the truck when I walked up to it (and actually saw one stop and stand on the sock full of moth balls). So, this did not seem to make any difference for me.

  • AdventureRider45 - great cable,

    braided cable is more durable than any other rubber cable and last alot longer due to its braided wire. The braided cord design, is obviously not designed to look like the Apple cord, but I believe I am a fan of the braided better.