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Andrologo Dott. Montalto Agrigento specialista in andrologia ad Agrigento. - Andrologo Agrigento, Medico Chirurgo specialista nelle problematiche della Disfunsione erettile.

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City: 12.2944 Provincia di Treviso, Italy

  • Chuck Stockdale - One of the Most Useful Natural Health Books Ever!

    The first thing that struck me reading this book is that the author recommends ten specific supplements as remedies for some of the most serious health problems we face today such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and insomnia. When I say specific, I mean that the name of the brand is given, the dosage, where to buy it, and a lab certified Certificate of Analysis is also included on the book website for each one.

  • Robotron5000 - Only the red light works and it's none too impressive

    I was really excited to try this light out, and was majorly disappointed to plug it in and see only red lights working. The red lights kind of flicker as they move slowly across the room, but they pattern and colors do not change at all with music, just the same slow moving red lights. Not really pleasant to look at, would not have purchased if it was just one color. I purchased this product at a discounted rate in order to provide an honest review, but even with a discount I'm having buyers remorse.

  • C. Burns - Build Yourself a Database

    I went to a two-week class on Access and couldn't build a thing. Then I got this book and had a database with data entry forms, queries, and a couple sweet reports done within two weeks. Now everyone at work wants a database.

  • bluechip68 - Just purchased sole f-80

    After much deliberation and review (especially from on here), I purchased this treadmill today. I was going to buy it through Amazon but ended up getting it at Dicks for $1399 + tax. They did offer free delivery but I have a truck so no problem.