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APACI | Asia Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza - APACI provides current and authoritative information and resources on influenza in the Asia Pacific region. Find out more.

  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci About APACI - Asia-Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza (APACI) consists of leading international influenza experts within the Asia-Pacific. It aims is to reduce the burden of influenza in the Asia-Pacific region
  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci/mission-statement-n-obj Mission & Objectives | APACI - The mission of APACI is to reduce the burden of influenza in the Asia-Pacific region. Read our mission statement and objectives to learn more about our vision.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci/executive-council Executive Council | APACI - Meet our APACI Executive Councillors who are highly regarded influenza and infectious disease experts from across the Asia-Pacific region.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci/membership Membership | APACI - To become an APACI Member you must have a genuine interest in influenza in the Asia-Pacific region. Membership application form.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci/support-grants Support Grants | APACI - APACI is able to carry out its important work through support grants from a number of benefactors.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci/partnerships Partnerships | APACI - APACI is developing important links and partnerships with other organisations so that it can better achieve its objectives, and to reach more people.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/about-apaci/contact Contact | APACI - Contact APACI. Address: Suite 1222, 1 Queens Road Melb 3004, Vic, Australia. ph: +61 3 9863 8650
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza Influenza Topics | APACI - APACI topics page on influenza provides a range of current resources, publications and links.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/burden-of-influenza-a-benefit-of-vaccination Burden of Influenza & Benefit of Vaccination | APACI - Information & resources about the burden of influenza & the benefits of vaccination
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/vaccination/influenza-vaccine-composition Influenza Vaccine Composition | APACI - Influenza Vaccine Composition, Southern and Northern Hemispheres 2015-2016 recommendations.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/vaccination/qiv QIV | Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccines | APACI - Quadrivalent influenza vaccines (QIV) - what are they, safety, cost, benefit information – and an up to date list of literature in the area. Updated monthly
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/treatment Influenza Antiviral Drugs | Treatment | APACI - Antiviral drugs for influenza are available in some countries and effectively prevent and treat the illness. Find out more.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/non-pharmaceutical Non Pharmaceutical Influenza Prevention | APACI - Non-pharmaceutical measures for the prevention of influenza. What you need to know.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/health-care-workers Healthcare Professionals | Influenza Vaccination | APACI - Information and resources about healthcare professionals and influenza vaccination
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/non-communicable-diseasesconditions-and-influenza Non-communicable Diseases & Influenza | APACI - Chronic diseases and influenza can increase a person’s risk of serious disease.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/pandemic-preparedness/pandemic-preparedness-plans-for-the-asia-pacific-region Pandemic Preparedness Plans | Asia Pacific Region | APACI - A table listing links to the most recent preparedness plans for countries in the Asia Pacific region. From Australia to Vietnam.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza/consensus-statements Consensus Statements | Influenza | APACI - APACI influenza consensus statements are intended to assist national policy-makers and individual clinicians with influenza surveillance and management in accordance with current international recommendations and guidelines
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza-resources/publications/newsletters Asia Pacific Influenza Newsletter | APACI - The Asia Pacific Influenza Newsletter of APACI. Subscribe here. Features articles on new developments and recent events relating to influenza and its control and prevention.
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza-resources/publications/influenza-asian-focus Influenza Asian Focus | APACI Newsletter - Influenza – Asian Focus was the APACI newsletter from 2005 to 2011. It is continued by Asia Pacific Influenza Newsletter
  • http://www.apaci.asia/influenza-resources/publications/journal-alerts APACI Journal Alert - APACI Journal Alert aims to keep you up to date with the latest literature in the field of influenza. Subscribe here.

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