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  • Thomas J. Harrison - This is my ball

    I love this ball.It fits my game I'm hitting it good and I'm getting lower scores. When I'm playing Bridgestone I have a good time on the course.

  • White Oak Meadows - Not worth the time and money.

    I had the 2010 version and figured the 2012 would be an upgrade with current maps etc. Sorry to say hat is not the case, roads that have been there for 5 years or more do not show up at all - looks like you are driving across a field. For some reason somebody decided removing the "clear route" tab that was in earlier versions would be a great idea, so now when starting a new trip one has do delete each input individually - not a user friendly set up a all. I won't get another Delorme product

  • Steve Cool - warning - the track covers WILL fall out. Oh, and bad whistle.

    Bought these for the new 2014 Grand Cherokee and they fit. There are end caps on both ends that require a key to remove. Bizarre. Not sure the value of that.

  • Sheldon - Fortunately, my computer has lots of memory and a ...

    Constantly runs in the background no matter what settings I use. Fortunately, my computer has lots of memory and a powerful processor, so it's not much of an issue for me, but it might be for someone using a less powerful or older computer.

  • Thais Almeida - Awesome price

    Very good price, and very hard to find this whey protein. Recommend it to athletes that loft heavy everyday :) very good for women too