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  • Abby J. Treesh - Great Elliptical for the Price

    We've had the E25 for about 10 months. This is a great elliptical machine for the price. It is really heavy and very sturdy and it wasn't too hard for us to put together ourselves. Most of our time putting it together was spent trying to retrieve a wrench we dropped inside the flywheel housing. Be sure to get the main middle support bolts really tight - this is the part that supports all of your weight and holds the display - get the bolts as tight as you can physically get them - but don't drop anything down the hole - retrieving the wrench was not fun or easy.

  • Brian Bigelow - Necessary for repairing your credit!!!

    Wish that I had this book several years ago, has so much information that I needed then. Your credit score is important for so many things, how much you will pay on loans and how much you can borrow. It also affects getting and keeping some jobs which is probably hurting quite a few people these days. Credit scoring methods have also changed the last few years which this book shows how it's calculated now.

  • Aeosps Fables are more than good, theyre grrrrrrrrreat! - Aeosps Fables are more than good, theyre grrrrrrrrreat!

    On my birthday in second grade, my parents gave me a package containing these stories, written by the ancient Aesop. I read through it, at first not enjoying it much, thinking ,"What fun could it be to read something wrtitten by some old guy?" after reading through one fable, I was changed. My heart lightened, and I finished the book inside my favorite blanket within a day,and my parents were surprised that I had already finished. And even if it was heavy reading for a second grader, I loved it and have read it several times over again. I suggest that everyone should read this book because of the helpful morals that allow you to understand everyday life.

  • Adam Sinkiwskij - Low Budget

    I think Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a better actor than any in this movie. So glad I seen it free with my prime membership and did not actually pay for this thing. If you like low budget movies then you may enjoy it, it just hard to get past the acting.