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  • Donald P Ries - If You Have Quicken 2013, Don't Even Dream of "Upgrading"

    This product is horrible. I have used Quicken since 1997, and bought the new version every year immediately after it became available, including Quicken 2013. Quicken 2013 was a great product that worked without any problems. Quicken 2014, on the other hand, constantly crashes, is harder to use, and is a complete waste of money. Intuit's supposedly "expert" team of programmers is trying to figure out why Quicken 2014 constantly crashes. Now, 31 days after I "upgraded" to Quicken 2014, they have yet to come up with a software fix. But don't take my word for it. Check out what Intuit says on their "Support" page (as of 11/20/13): "Installing, Updating or performing various tasks in Quicken 2014 has been reported as crashing or closing, with or without error messaging. In order to resolve these various crash conditions, we need more information while also providing solutions currently available." I, for one, want my money back. I'd suggest you use a prior version of Quicken if you have one, and not purchase Quicken 2014, at least until they come up with a workable fix for this not-ready-for-prime-time software.

  • A. Needham - Terrible!

    You will get better more meaingful information about becoming a fighter pilot by finding an antiquated "After Burner" video arcade game. This guy hasn't even earned his wings!!!! Great job idiot!!! I actually earnd my wings of Gold and am an FRS Instructor. With a draw down of forces I am hopeful that the training command finds this jerk another job., We don't need him. It is arrogant idiots like this that crash airplanes.

  • Kathy M - Great cozy read with strong protagonist.

    Loved this book!! I have read some cozy mysteries in which the protagonist is immature, silly or just plain takes ridiculous risks. Not so with this new cozy series! The characters are believable and the protagonist is a strong woman with realistic goals and 'smart' choices when attempting to find out whodunit. I did figure out the whodunit part early on but reading it unfolding was a delight. I was pleased that the ending tied up most of the ends so could be read as a stand alone. I can't wait to find out what is next in Ravenwood Cove! Strong start to this series. I am looking forward to reading book 2.

  • John Fuller - My new favorite

    Delicious, love love the taste, was so disappointed white grape is not available anymore tried blue raspberry yuck never again, bompop was good but couldn't see myself drinking it everyday tried this and it's the best yet. And I hit PR's already.

  • Dave-in-PC - Good for the price

    Seems to work pretty well, and for the price, a better option than some of the other big name items out there. Doesn't seem to keep ice as long as I would expect, my inexpensive "Alladin" insulated plastic mugs seem to do just as good for keeping things cool... BUT these are a lot more attractive to carry a drink in, rather than something a kid would be carrying. Perfect? Nope.... good for the price, yep.

  • Wadzanai V Katsande - Great read

    I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. The protagonist's almost autistic way of investigation and the fact that he's very human. Great book

  • signeisarobot - A helpful tool!

    I use this for some longer hairs on my cheeks that are pale, but it creates a better surface for makeup. Works as intended and no issues here! I imagine you should test this out on another body part before using it on your face if you aren't sure how to hold it and draw it across the skin.