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  • amber - After not having my period for many, many months ...

    After not having my period for many, many months due to PCOS after just one week on Ovasitol I got it!! Only side effect was minimal stomach upset which lasted only a few days.

  • Keely B Webb - Love it!

    Love these pills. How I found out about them was someone I knew was taking them to help with their weight loss. So me being curious, they let me try them. I only took one, just so I could see how my body would react. My body accepted it with no rejections. As soon as I took the pill, I was full of energy and my appetite was suppressed. In just two days, I had lost 2 pounds. The moment I took that pill, I was hooked. Went to Walmart and found it on the aisle where they keep their other diet supplements. If you buy from Walmart, do so now because they have it on sale for two bottles ( a months) for $19.98. The regular price is $39.99. This stuff really works well ALONG with a proper diet and exercise program. I would recommend this to anyone trying to boost their weight loss routine.

  • Aracelis - My face was breaking out especially bad and decided to buy this

    I've had adult acne out of nowhere for about a year now. NOTHING topical has worked for me in this past year. My face was breaking out especially bad and decided to buy this, and after just a day I noticed a great difference. In a few days I noticed a dramatic change. It's been about 3 weeks and I don't have acne anymore, just a few scars that this green tea cream has been clearing up as well. My acne was located across my jawline, if this is the kind of adult acne that you have please give this a chance, it's done wonders for my face.

  • jeremy - atp at-205 works great

    have a car that the power steering resvoir would go totally empty in 3 days, put this in and drove for like 30 minutes then check resvoir went down from full hot to full cool top off to full again and it hasnt went down at all its been 2 weeks was thinking about flushing with new fluid and seeing if the leak comes back because this stuff does work great but makes the steering tad more heavy not unacceptable and there is no noise i just dont like leaving stop leak in too long will try to do updates on down the road

  • Marilynn - It Works

    I went on a diet one and a half years ago. I added Real Dose Weight Loss Formula to my plan and lost a total of 58 lbs. I truly believe this loss would not have happened without WLF no1. I have maintained the loss for 7 months now. In the beginning of maintenance, I was reluctant to stop taking WFG no1, but eventually did and still maintained. I couldn't be happier. Recently I decided to lose the last ten pounds I originally set out to lose, so once again I'm adding WLF no1 to my diet. It worked for me! I know it will help me again.