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Augusta University - Located in Augusta, Georgia, Augusta University is a public research university and medical center dedicated to training the next generation of innovators, leaders and health care providers.

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  • Jeff Schmidt - I would LOVE to find a device like this that actually works

    I would LOVE to find a device like this that actually works, but, alas, the search continues. The connectivity of the Wallet TrackR is terrible. My phone had a very difficult time establishing connectivity. Finally, after 3-4 attempts it connected. I placed the TrackR about 30 feet away from my phone to test it and it immediately lost the connection completely. It tried to re-establish the connection but never did so, even when I placed my phone 2 inches away from the TrackR. I reloaded the app and re-establish the connection about 20 minutes later and the same thing happened. There is no way this item would help you if you actually lost your wallet. The blue tooth find didn't work 2 times in a row when the TrackR was right in front of me with no obstructions at all. Very disappointing. Note: When I did have a connection the feature where you can set off an alarm on your phone from pressing the TrackR did work. This does not help me though. I loose my wallet, not my phone.

  • Sara Anne - Exuviance makes a difference!

    My dermatologist recommended this years ago and I've been using it consistently. What a wonderful difference it makes to increase the vitality of my skin. Just love it!

  • Sandra O'neill Alves - 2016 version is now available!

    Not a happy customer, just bought this for $39 this week and now the price is reduced and the 2016 version is released. Not thrilled. This is the 4th Hallmark studio I have purchased over the years, great program, just not happy about what I ended up paying and not getting the 2016 version.

  • jutty - Read the reviews for instructions prior to installing!

    As suggested, boiling soapy water and the two razor slits did the trick and I had them on in under 5 min. -1 star for horrible instructions. Pedals look excellent and are very sturdy once installed properly.

  • Amazon Customer - A couple of programming issues...

    This would have been a 5-star review if H&R Block did a little more error checking on their software.

  • Lin55 - Really works!

    I purchased this to treat mold that was developing on the ceiling of my bathroom. This stuff really works on drywall. I sprayed and wiped the mold off, then gave a light spray again. No more mold!! But buyer beware - you might want to check you local grocery store before buying online. After I already purchased mine through Amazon, I was walking down the aisle in the grocery store with the cleaners - saw the exact same thing on the shelf and MUCH cheaper than I paid for it.

  • Tricia Recommends - I haven't found a better product in 20 years of looking -

    A nurse in the cardiac care unit (don't worry - all is fine) of our local hospital checked my arm band and did a double take after looking at my age. She then asked me what I used on my skin. I told her I used Patricia Wexler "serum" - this great pink stuff in a jar. I am not sure she knew what I was talking about but I have to say, her asking me that made my day, after a scary night in the ER. I have been using this product for a couple of years and there is not a better thing on the market for dry sky. Yes, it is expensive but is fabulous. I agree with the less than four star review, it does not work that well on wrinkles, but it is the best product for the dry, arid CO weather.