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  • Jordan┬áSiegel - Way Above "Standard" Experience!!!

    The entire process from hitting the buy now button to receiving my package in the mail was excellent. The customer service department did an excellent job in communicating with me. When investing in Standard Process or other products they have in inventory, I will most definitely invest with them. And besides the experience, I am grateful that they stock such a life transforming product line in Standard Process. Business is about monetizing value, and this company puts value first in the products they stock! Thank you for giving me access to a life transforming product line!

  • Linda Chudada - Died after a month an a half's use.

    I purchased this item on May 10 2016. I was happy that it met my needs and worked as expected. HOWEVER, Today is the 5th of July 2016, and it stopped working all together. So not even two months worth of use and it is useless.

  • Linda Call - quickbooks 2012 for dummies

    could be broken down even simpler for inexperienced operators. I still do not have my program working.

  • Remi - The Easiest LED Whitening Kit

    The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit is a way to get your teeth as white as a pearl, napkin or sheet of paper. If you are not familiar with LED lightening kits, they use roughly the same gel to coat your teeth. The LED causes the gel to activate quicker in order to break down the stains currently on your teeth.

  • Steven Dietrich - Steer clear of PC Matic!

    I am 32 years old, an American programmer, and I have a BS in Computer Information Systems. I've never installed PC Matic (I'm not dumb enough to), but I can tell you without a doubt that this product is a COMPLETE SCAM. Steer clear unless you want to reformat your computer and get your Credit Card information stolen.