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Vitamin B12 Patch | Vita Sciences B12 Patch | Vitamin B-12 Patches - The Vitamin B12 Patch is a topical b12 patch developed by Vita Sciences, the trusted leader in b12 patches. Vita Sciences was the first to develop, patent, and market the B12 Patch. 877-B12-PATCH

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  • John J. - Very well constructed bag with many pockets to separate and organize items.

    I use the Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag as my "everything" bag. I have reached a point in life where I have too many medications, too many electronic devices, and too many other items that I want to have along whenever I leave home, including just going out to restaurants. Not even multiple cargo pockets were sufficient. I found that the larger size messenger bag was getting too heavy, so I went with this smaller size. The Command version has what I need for organizing my stuff (The Classic version did not have the dividers, small pockets, etc that one finds with the Command). One finds a spot designed for water bottles both inside the bag and on the outside of the bag. I use them for my own supplies (not water bottles). It is all the nooks and cranny's that make this bag so much more useful for my style. The smaller size is reducing the were on my shoulder.

  • Akshun J - love the lotion, hate the pump

    The problem here is not with the actual lotion, but with the pump. It takes a ridiculous amount to work to get the pump working initially, and then it stops working when there's about 1/4 of the product will left in the bottle. You literally have to remove the pump and beat the last 1/4 of the product out of the bottle. Big waste.

  • Dee Arizona - The Total was well worth it!!!

    This program is so easy to install and has many many great features. I didn't find many pop ups at all as some of the other customers have said and I had no problem downloading it on my laptop as well as my main PC. I did try downloading Bitdefender and could not so returned it and this for 3 PCs for one year was cheaper.. It still had the same features, since I got the Total, which included parental guidance features!! Gotta love it!!!

  • Kirkland Native - Navien NR-240A - Another Service Call

    Do not purchase this water heater. I bought the Navien NR-240A from a business that has delivered and installed other gas appliance for me in the past. This unit has been in service since July of 2010. It stopped working in September of 2012 and required a new sensor unit because it had cracked for no apparent reason. Of course we had to wait for parts. Now 4 months later this product has stopped working again. I have every confidence in the company that installed it so I believe that the product is likely to fail again and again. I have had water heaters, gas and electric, that were a whole lot cheaper and most of them lasted over 10 years without a problem. Efficient it is not when you have to run the water for 5 minutes to get hot water 15 feet away. Efficient it is not when it breaks down and you go without hot water. I would never buy this brand again. When the repairman comes tomorrow there could be a decision to go with a new standard gas water heater because this is not saving me money nor energy and creating a whole lot of frustration in my household. Try living without hot water when everyone wants a shower to go to school and work.

  • Mtnguru - A peaceful home in 3 days!!

    Wow, I cannot believe the behavioral changes in my 3 male indoor cats!! It has been chaotic in comparison and I just didn't realize how peaceful it could be with a little help!