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  • B. Laue - Avoid petroleum products --use this instead. It works!

    Petroleum distillate rubber conditioners will temporarily soften rubber seals, then turn them to mush over time. Not AT-205 Re-Seal! I've used this in two motorcycles (31 and 27 years old), as well as two cars (a 1996, and a 2003), over two years ago, as a preventative measure. No problems, no issues, other than it helped eliminate one oil leak. I originally found this product in an auto-parts store, for around $7 more than I paid here (minus S/H). Even with the postage fees, this came out to be $6 less, per bottle, ordering three at a time, than I would have paid buying it semi-locally (had to drive to a neighboring town, 40 miles away -- no one locally carries it).

  • Gabriel M. Chavez - Really works!

    I had started to get a Urinary Tract Infection - anyways I was really getting worried and it was getting bad and I ordered this stuff it came fast from Amazon since I used Amazon Prime Overnight 3.99 shipping. I started taking it right away when it got here and in a matter of days I was 100% better! I didn't have to go to the doctor and I'm feeling great. This stuff is a very good value also having pro biotic in it is an added plus!!!!!!

  • capris - dream cream

    Ithink it is not a dream it is a reality.My tennis elbow dissapeared without any pain killers.And that means my stomach is in good shape.Thankyou very much.

  • Amazon Customer - 5.0 out of 5 starsMy kids LOVE Pediasure. They drink it every day as a ...

    My kids LOVE Pediasure. They drink it every day as a treat, even though it's actually good for them. They think it's a milkshake! Great source of nutrients they may not get throughout the day and my pediatrician continues to support the findings with great health reports.

  • Tina Richards - My dog is so much happier.

    This year we have had a severe flea problem and even frontline wasn't working. On top of that, my dog is allergic to fleas. She had bald spots, her skin was dried out from all the chemical treatments I was using to get rid of the fleas and her coat was dull and thinning. I started her on Brewers Yeast and Garlic tablets (which she thinks are treats) combined with "Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray," last month and now her coat is shining, the fleas are very few and far between, her bald spots are gone, her skin is healthy and she is a very happy doggy. She also smells great!