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  • Chris - Latest update forces you to adhere to password security you may not need or want

    As a system admin I know Intuit has horrid support and their software can be a contentious collection of frustrations when it doesn't work right. I have used QB since 2007 and recently upgraded because for the most part it does what I need and I am able to fix whatever issues arise. But that is coming to an end. Intuit in their infinite wisdom has released an update that forces me to use a complex password that has to be changed every 90 days. I cannot disable it, and their representatives claim it cannot be disabled. What they call a feature is a bug. My books have no credit card numbers or other damaging info that calls for forced, draconian security measures. Barring a patch that reverses this forced "security" that I do not want and did not ask for- I will be moving to a different platform that seems to actually care about what its customers want. I suggest looking elsewhere for your accounting needs.

  • larryw - Great bargain on quality gear: two thumbs up!

    This is a great little earbud that I bought primarily for listening to music while I'm running or hiking: I like to keep one ear open so I can hear upcoming traffic. This does a great job of that, providing reasonable fidelity., giving me about three hours of battery life listening to music at a fairly high volume. As an added bonus, it does a great job when paired with my iMac for use with Skype and other such services; never a complaint about the clarity or volume of my voice. Ditto to using as a hands-free set for my mobile phone. At under $20, this is a no-brainer.